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Dec 23, 2006

iWho Podcast: Easter Eggs at Christmas

Xmaspod_1 "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Tachyon TV
present some alternative commentary tracks for a number of BBC DVD extras.

Extra features up for discussion in this special Christmas podcast include
: Earthshock Part 5, 'Did You See?', 'Genesis of the Daleks' Continuity Compilation, Tom Baker Easter Egg, 'Blue Peter' Theatre, 'Take Two', 'Saturday Superstore' and Chicken Wrangling.

The podcast is available from the usual place


Aw, you copped out of the PDF annual! That would have been HYSTERICAL. :)

What a stonking good idea for a festive Podcast. Ca't wait till I find time for this one.

So how much cold hard cash to do another year, then..? ;)

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