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Dec 06, 2006

It was bound to happen but...

Okay no one should be surprised about this- after all this is the best the program has ever been in its history, thanks to the BBC finally employing some "good" writers, so we shouldn't be surprised they finally found an actor who really understood the role and connected with the public!


Okay- any thoughts people on where you'd place the ever grinning Mr. Tennant in the grand scheme of things. I personally hate these kinda of lists myself- but here we go.

Tom Baker

Patrick Troughton

William Hartnell

John Pertwee

Peter Davidson

Colin Baker

Christopher Eccleston

Paul Mcgann

David Tennant

Sylvester McCoy


People sure are caught up in the moment these days. I think Tennant is fine but what the 10th Doctor has had to do so far has been so exaggerated that there is no evidence he can do the subtlety that Baker sprinkled in, even when he was going on all cylinders. I don't expect he will ever be comparable, if only because the new Doctor Who and the old are so fundamentally different.

I'm not going to do a full list myself, suffice to say that the 4th and 7th Doctors remain my favourites at the moment but there's a lot I enjoy about each of the Doctors...

But considering Rose also is apparently THE best companion ever, followed by (a School Reunion boosted IMO) Sarah Jane, it does look like more like a "who's the most recent" poll. Kinda like those polls where the Top Ten Best Films ever are all ones that came out in the last 15 years.

Looking forward to seeing how Tennant will do in Season 29, uh, New Series 3 though. It's going to be interesting to see if it's a different tone and dynamic with a new companion, although I expect much of the same for the Christmas Bride one-off.

Hey, I managed to track down the actual poll questions.

"Who is the best Doctor Who?
1. David Tennant
2. Christopher Eccleston
3. Tom Baker
4. The short one
5. The other short one
6. The one with the coat
7. The old guy
7. Whatshisface
8. Thingie
9. That guy that was in that other thing

Who is the best Companion?
1. Rose
2. Sarah Jane Smith
3. That one in the skirt, you know, her
4. The others"

4. The Others from Lost? Or as Jin calls them "The Udders!"

1. McCoy
2. Baker 1
3. Baker 2
4. Tennant
5. Davidson

Never seen any Ecclestone. McGann doesn't count. The earlier Doctors, it's been too long for me to objectively judge. Was never impressed with Pertwee though, great character but too much of an action hero for the show. If the broken, alcoholic Withnail Doctor was canon, he'd be in at number 4 instead of Tennant.

Companions, my favourite was probably the weasely one that kept doing the Blake's Seven on them. I could never really choose between Ace and Rose. They both brought so much to the show. Got a bit of a soft spot for Jamie too. (No kilt joke here, I think you can handle it.)

(Afterthought - when I was a kid K-9 REALLY irritated me, but now I rather like him. There's an essay there somewhere.)

That will be the kid's voting methinks and because he is the current Doctor. Kid's eh.

No respect, tch. You show them a Kroton and they just laugh at you. They wouldn't know a Vervoid if it came up behind them and stuck a poison stinger in their neck.

They oughta ban kids!

Were the vervoids those plant creatures that put needles in people? Holy motherfucking illegitimate half-human hermaphrodite son/daughter of Satan, those things scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. For YEARS.

Worst. Poll. Ever.

I'm not a fan of such polls either, but I'd rather see the current Dr, whoever he might be, rated at the top rather than at the bottom, as seemed to always happen back in the old JNT days. Probably the largest section of DWM readers weren't out of nappies when McCoy wandered off into the sunset. Good for them.

Anyone who voted for Pertwee is an idiot, though. He's the 'Stairway to Heaven' of Drs.

Yup D_S, those are the ones.

What's all this about McGann not counting? He bloody well does count, thank you. He was televised, he's part of Canon, I fail to see how he doesn't count.

This coming from me, McGann's only my 4th favorite. Sylvester McCoy best Doctor for me, and (oh yes) Tegan best companion. Or Romana(both). And yea, I've got to agree with Damon, these kinda polls are ALWAYS tainted by "what's come latest." I have a hard time believing Hartnell and Troughton are that far down the list, when they've given performances that rival if not top the highest rankers.

Now, see here comes the difference between "Best" and "Favourite". Usually, my favourite is nothing like what I consider the best. My favourite movie: The Muppet Christmas Carol. The best movie: It's A Wonderful Life. My favourite book: The Tiger in the Well. The best book: And Then There Were None.

It's very difficult to rank the Doctors, as I like all of them very much the same. Despite the fact that he is by no means the best Doctor, I always have a soft spot for Sylvester McCoy, and I don't know why.

Gotta be the spoon playing. Or the pork-pie hat. Or the way he says "Gods of Rrrrrrrragnarrrrrrrrok!"

The definitive list of best Doctors:

1. Eccleston.
2. Davison.
3. Tom Baker.
4. Hartnell.

And then the rest...

The definitive list of best Doctors:

1. Eccleston.
2. Davison.
3. Tom Baker.
4. Hartnell.

And then the rest...

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