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Nov 23, 2006

Obsessed and alarming

From .net magazine's The Great British blogs:

"If you’d prefer something programme-specific, there are excellent blogs for individual programmes, and Behind The Sofa is a shining example of the genre with multiple contributors covering the current run of Doctor Who in alarming detail."

"Obsessed with Doctor Who? We bet you’re not as obsessed as Behind The Sofa, which features lyrics for Doctor Who karaoke."

I love that we're listed in a box-out with 'Idiot Toys' and 'Knickers'.


Congratulations in particular to Sean Alexander, the contributor of the particular article that was shown in the screencap of BTS, with a stunning expose on Totally Doctor Who!


Hey, it's a shiny blog. Woo-hoo!

Hate to admit it, but my "Ecclestonian Rhapsody" karaoke lyrics have just been published in LVG's Literary Supplement!

Steve W

Wuhey, we're alarming!

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