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Nov 11, 2006

iWho Podcast: New Earth

Podress "mmmmmmm... Matron!!"

Tachyon TV present an alternative tongue-in-cheek DVD commentary for New Earth

Topics up for discussion this week include: the arse of Boe, Terrance Dicks' cameo, Mr. Benn, Carlsberg hospitals, campery, humbuggery, and John Prescott at the point of orgasm.

Available from the usual place


Howcome the two podcasts that got held over the longest were the ones that explained the whole Gangsters thing? You kept the RRRRRRUN gag going for *months* and it didn't make ANY SENSE!

hahahaha I already know what Terrance Dicks' is =X

Let's just pray Colin Baker doesn't listen to this one. Had me grinning like a lunatic.

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