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Nov 04, 2006

It's not dead... yet!

I know I'm not the quickest person on the draw, but I can't believe I'm the first person to report this...

It is a well known and popular fact that some things take on lives of their own. Such is the case, to my complete surprise, with Outpost Gallifrey.

Since my announcement in early October that I would be shutting down the news portion of the site and turning much of its content into archival information, I have been inundated with well-wishes and offers of support and help, numbering in the multiple hundreds. Site traffic still continues at a brisk pace, and I've had some interesting ideas to keep the site going. Needless to say, I've found a lot of the ideas fascinating, and they demonstrate (to my surprise) how central Outpost Gallifrey was to the Doctor Who community at large.

Therefore... Outpost Gallifrey will soon be back in business as a news site and all-around Doctor Who portal. We're working out the full details right now with several people - names you'll recognize, and names new to us - and will be making our full announcements very soon. I'll still remain as editor in chief, but the news will instead be brought to you by a committee of reporters - in the UK, the US and beyond - covering every aspect of Doctor Who and its spinoffs.

This will allow me to focus instead on the other aspects of the site that remain popular - the episode guide (with the Torchwood section coming soon), the reviews page (yes, it'll continue) and the events calendar.

The Outpost Gallifrey Doctor Who Forum, of course, remains ever-popular, with nearly twenty thousand users. Please join us as we continue weekly discussions after the debut of each episode of "Torchwood" on Sunday, and of course in anticipation for this coming December's Doctor Who Christmas special, "The Runaway Bride".

Stay tuned over the next week or so as we finalize details and prepare for our next incarnation. And thank you to all of you who continue to make Outpost Gallifrey your home for Doctor Who fandom on the Internet. - Shaun Lyon




Excellent news, if it means the news section is restored to its previous level of acuity. Prior to Shaun's announcement 'twas closing down, it hadn't quite been what it was.


Fantastic news.

Great news. That sounds to me as though it'll become more officially like a group blog which is an excellent idea -- perhaps with different people concentrating on different types of news. Thanks again Shaun for taking the time. I have been using other sites since but none of them have somehow quite had the same authority.

Ah, bollocks. The BF shilathon is back. And just in time for his new book to plug, too. What a shock.


Brilliant,brilliant news!!!

"The BF shilathon is back. And just in time for his new book to plug, too. What a shock."

Wow, what an incredibly bitchy person you are. Just don't read the man's free website that nobody's forcing you to read if you don't like it. He can do what he wants on his site, after all, and you can avoid it as much as you'd like. Twat.

Oi! That will be enough of that in here, thank you very much.

Seriously, we're starting to sound like an OG Forum. Erh, I mean =X

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