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Oct 02, 2006


I'll keep this short and sweet: please accept my sincere apologies for not joining in with Stripped Down 4.

This month is turning into a bit of a nightmare for me, what with my laptop blowing up, nicotine withdrawal symptoms, a seriously degraded internet connection, a journal article that needs writing for my PhD, a caravan that is over-run by wild kittens, a fanzine (!!!), podcasts, and some ball-aching trouble with the house project. Terrible excuses, I know, but the upshot is that, while I will continue to facilitate the reviews (well, I'll be changing the odd banner), I'm going to be off the radar for the next 2-3 weeks. I should, however, be back for Torchwood. I may even be back for Fenric.

I just wanted to thank Sean, Damon, Dave et al for writing some very entertaining reviews over the last week and for practically keeping this blog going!

I'll be back...

PS - The Battlestar blog is on indefinite hold too - sorry!


Don't worry Neil - the Totally Doctor Who podcast was worth several weeks' posts all by itself. :)

I'm just going to add onto that: You may have noticed that I've not been blogging in a while, due to relocating. This has meant delays on various counts: One, I haven't the time to blog, Two, I haven't time to watch the episodes, Three, I haven't time to work out which box the classic episodes are in. If I can find the episodes and the motivation before Stripped Down finishes, I'll join you for it. If not, I should also be back for Torchwood.

Fanzine? That sounds interesting...

(Adopts Homer Simpson voice) 'Hmmmm...fanzine....aaarrhhh!!'

I've never known how to pronounce fanzine -- is it fanzeeen or fanzyne?

At least now I don't feel too bad about having to apologise for yet another prolonged abscence from the blog.

Trust me, I AM reading all your wonderful reviews - I just need to find a way of not needing sleep...

A fanzine! I can't wait!

Kevin - were you never a student? Caffine, and lots of it, man.

Stu - I've always pronounce it fanzeen, as has everyone else I've heard say the word, so I'd go with that. Since we're on the subject, how do you pronounce machinima? That's always puzzled me.

I've recently got a job, my parents are on holiday leaving me as the only person in the house and I'm broke til the end of October, meaning I can half sympathise with you Neil. I look forward to your return, whenever that may be.


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