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Oct 12, 2006

Private Eye

I’ve tried, with limited success, to review City of Death before and I couldn’t do it again. It’s clear to anyone sane who watches it that it’s a near perfect union of plot, character, dialogue, performance, design and location. The script is almost too witty for its own good, (but not quite) the leads are almost so charming they’re smug, (but not quite) and plot is brief and padded, (but what padding it is).

Instead, I’d rather highlight a DVD feature similar to one which came with The Green Death – taking the piss out of classics. I love the DVD from the summation to the lovely matte disc (it's a thing for unwrapping - same reason why I like subscribing to magazines) and in the last SSS I commented briefly on the extras but, in the absence of anything original to add to the episode, I think I’m justified in reviewing a featurette. Hey, if you can podcast them...

He has no Parisian villa (no Parisian wife, either)

Eye on Blatchford purports to be covering the strife of an outsider struggling to integrate into rural England – Sardoth the Second to Last Jagaroth. He has no Parisian villa (no Parisian wife, either), no bricked-up Mona Lisas or even a decent Julian Glover mask. The ensuing “documentary” ticks all the right boxes: Brasseye-ish titles, EU mocking, finding work for some extras happy to charge about fields and they even have their own comedy-accented expert, played by nonetheless than Gabrielle Woolf.

I wonder if it would be such an outrageous idea to include more fan-contributed material on DVDs. Some of the stories themselves could have been fan-vids, but more on that tomorrow. Very often the commentaries merely repeat what the documentaries used to bulk up the release will tell you in shorter time. There’s no need for a person to be attached to a production for them to have something entertaining to say (and anyway, it’s probably safe to say they played Agador at some point), and I’m sure out there would be some fans with an acidic sense of humour and a microphone... Maybe it’s a bit unlikely but still, there’s a terrible epidemic of commentators announcing how much they love everything – particularly in the new series – when it’s clearly bollocks. A whole commentary may be too long, but I can’t help but wonder what the results of letting Mr Querry loose with a camera and a rough spec would be.

what, I wonder, is a “duck procurer”

Back to my original point - which appears to be wandering the plains at the moment – what, I wonder, is a “duck procurer” and what were they doing on a production which, to all appearances, is devoid of duck-life? Answers on the back of a postcard.

PS - if anyone is interested and remembers a rather rabid piece of bile I wrote on Love & Monsters, they may be relieved to know it's now been edited to conform with EU standards and the law of reason.


I thought it wasn't a patch on the Suketh spoof, but there was still some good stuff...Woolf's "Swedish" cameo, the Fury From The Deep DVD gag, and best of all the funky Scaroth marital arts stance with "I WILL CHANGE IIIIT!"

I'd like to see some more mockumentaries like this on the Who DVDs. The Green Death one was more straight-laced but followed on from the story's events nicely.

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