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Oct 23, 2006


Was that it?

I should mention I'm reviewing this episode by episode, and I haven't read the other reviews yet. I don't know what all you thought of "Everything Changes", but for me that was quite a let down.

Let's start at the very beginning (A very good place to start). There was no real introduction to Torchwood, they just turned up. And considering they seem to have the authority to make the police leave, how do they tell them to when they don't seem to have a police connection yet? How do they do it if they aren't with the police, the government or the UN?

So anyway, the car turns up, and they get out. Not very mysterious yet. And the name "Torchwood" seems to be common knowledge, so why is it only now that Gwen starts to see them? Surely they must have done something before? I find it hard to believe that suddenly within the space of a couple of days Gwen should not only become aware of them, but gain full access to them. The title actually implies that something changes, but nothing does except that Gwen finds out who Torchwood are, which wouldn't have really bothered her anyway as she'd never heard of it before.

And where is everyone? The London branch was staffed to the teeth, and yet Cardiff on a rift in time and space can only afford five people?

Oh, and, as much fun as it was, what the hell was Captain Jack standing on that building for?

When the alien bit the guy, where the hell did all that blood come from? Was that like the scene from Airplane!, when he's sweating so they basically just pour water over him? Was it meant to be comic? And let's face it, the guy he bit was just screaming "EXPENDABLE JOLLY GUY WHO'LL DIE TO MAKE IT MORE DRAMATIC". Subtle, real subtle.

And there's that bloody swearing! I'm sorry, but one of my real hates is swearing in a TV show to say "Look at us, we're making grown up TV!". It ain't big and it ain't clever.

The whole episode felt dead. The script, while having its moments ("Who orders pizza under the name Torchwood?") left a lot to be desired. And while I appreciated the links to the mother show, they should have been left out. The episode should have tried to stand up by itself, with the links being made in later episodes. Either that, or Jack should have been the main focus, not Gwen.

The direction was flat, and it was obviously trying to be all "high budget american TV show" look, but it missed out on any impressive shots. There wasn't anything to commend about the directing. The acting, while not a large problem, still wasn't brilliant. Even the somewhat perfect John Barrowman couldn't save this.

Sorry, 5/10. Maybe a little harsh, but if this were any other pilot, I'd have switched off after ten minutes.

The Bumper Book of Made-Up ‘Torchwood’ facts has this to say about Everything Changes: RTD actually came up with the idea for the hub during filming of "Boom Town", when he fell down a hole where there had previously been a dimensionally transcendental chameleon circuit that welded its perception properties to a spatio-temporal rift. What luck!


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