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Oct 01, 2006

"I am the BOSS. I'm all around you."

It's the one with the giant maggots.

And with that out of the way... I found it a little hard to get through this one. Maybe it was the cliched characterisations (if I never hear someone say the word 'Boyo' again it'll be too soon), maybe it was the slightly iffy acting in places, maybe it was the constant interchanging of the men in suits, maybe it was the over-reliance on CSO, maybe it was the plot lacking in places... hell, maybe it was all of them. But whatever it was, I had trouble watching this. But hey, I did it anyway. See how I suffer for my art!

Anyway. So the Doctor finally gets to Metebelis III and surprise! It's a quarry. Okay, maybe it's not a surprise, but whatever. And from there, he heads to Wales, where there's been a couple of deaths involving people glowing green. Then there's some technical gumf about toxic waste, a bunch of maggots appear, the bad guy turns out to be a computer, that hideous yellow car reappears, the maggots are killed by mushrooms, the computer gets a Napoleon complex, someone sacrifices themselves to blow it up and Jo gets engaged without the ring or anything. Standard fare really.

The most amazing thing about this story is how plain it is. There's nothing particularly stunning about it - giant maggots hardly being original, nor a meglomaniacal machine either. There's really very little that IS original about this one, which is a shame, as it does get some pretty good model work and the maggots themselves are pretty darned effective, which is more than I can say about their victims. There's some shockingly stiff acting going on in places, and it's not helped that the actors often don't have a great deal to say or do.  There are moments that counterbalance these - the supposedly emotionless BOSS humming classical tunes (albiet in a somewhat irritating manner) and the sheer idea of the Doctor dressing up as a cleaning lady - could you imagine Eccleston doing the same? - is fantastic, but they aren't enough to stop the story being somewhat average.

I'm struggling for something good to say about this story, and the best I can come with is that I didn't hate it. But neither did I feel anything special towards it. It's a bit of a nothingy story really, something that you could watch while drunk and it would still make sense. Which is a shame, as Katy Manning really needed something decent to send her off, and instead she gets upstaged by a bunch of condoms. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

The Bumper Book of Made Up Doctor Who Facts has this to say about The Green Death: In the original script, Jon Pertwee went through a variety of disguises on his way to contact Yates, including a Sailor's outfit, a Gimp suit and a Father Christmas outfit. Surprisingly, it was Barry Letts who objected to this as opposed to Pertwee, who was halfway into his leather trousers when he was informed of the change.


'...The sheer idea of the Doctor dressing up as a cleaning lady - could you imagine Eccleston doing the same?'

Every planet has a temp agency.

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