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Aug 24, 2006


Mr Tennant was at the V Festival this weekend accompanied by a Miss Piper a fact that was broadcast on the radio programme of one Chris O'Connell along with the following revelation:

"This 'Sarah' also claimed that when David bent forward, she caught a glimpse of his underwear - his red, lacy, women's-style underwear, that he just happened to be wearing under his jeans."

Well alright, so far, so tabloid.  But then this happened. [via]


Place lower limb in traction. Exert pressure.

Poor David. Every second Livejournal user now has a "My fandom wears Man Pants" icon. :D

Yes, this was on Monday. The 'Sarah' was Annabel Port and Christian O'Connell was replaced for the morning by Geoff Lloyd. It appears that DT is an OC fan and has called the show before, and had left some sort of bizarre message on his voicemail following the V Festival. Celebs, eh?

Not the classic M&S Tom Baker kecks then? Disappointing.

Is it me or is this the most banal and pointless fan rumour to hit the internet ever? I love the way she bemoans "why do all the blokes I fancy turn out to be sexual deviants?" Yeah right, because you were just about to marry the guy before you discovered his supposedly shocking albeit non-existence secret! Imbecilic isn't the word! (well it might be the word, but I'm not sure about the spelling).

Actually whether or not "imbecilic" is the word, "non-existence" is certainly not - should be "non-existent". Sorry about that.

Tennant in pants. Makes a change to Tennant IS pants...

Sean: Yeah :).

Urg, excuse me, I think I'm going to have to go and be sick.

That Tennant!Love site is interesting... It kinda makes me want to start a CoilnBaker!Love site... : )

Someone's already made a Bonnie Langford fansite, complete with character profiles, Mel-related fan fiction, etc. Wanna say it's hosted on tetrap.com, too.

I wonder if Colin Baker ever wears women's underwear...

Of all colors...at once.

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