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Jul 09, 2006

Yadsmood Rof Srebmun

Drum roll, please Mr. Gold.

7.7m (43% share)
1.52m (63% share) for the under-16s

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Should dip over 8 million in the official figures which is pretty stupendous.  I'm interested that we haven't had a recommission announcement yet but with a share like that on a summer Saturday can we expect adventures in time and space for years to come?


Weather was pretty shitty yesterday, too.

I'm pleased that the tail-end of this season didn't dip as the likes of BW & POTW did last year (though, for the record, I thought last season's two-parter more deserving of a higher audience).

And yes, I find the lack of 'commitment' to Who's future from the Beeb interesting too. Just over a year since both series 3 and a second Christmas special were announced and we're at the same point: just 14 new spisodes that we can take for granted.

Though admittedly I might be reading far too much into this.

Apparently Confidential peaked at 1 million and average 900,000 too, which is a record for that show and well up there with BBC Three's record audiences, topped only I think by an EastEnders premiers or two; episode one of Casanova and Australia v Croatia the other week.

Don't worry Sean, the Beeb wouldn't be building Doctor Who and Torchwood what are essentially their own studios (just as all the standing sets for Eastenders are based together at Elstree) if they didn't think it was going to be around for years to come. Don't forget the advance commission for series 3 was VERY unusual (even Eastenders and Casualty don't know for sure that they'll be on air in 2008 yet). Fear not, a series 4 commission will soon be upon us.

Also, the only reason that commission was announced was to dispel some the "Chris resigns" gloom.

Yeah, I agree with that. They needed a big show of faith in the show so "2 more seasons and 2 Christmas specials" did the trick.

It'd only be an issue if Tennant's ratings had nose-dived but they've been almost the same. I'll go and work out some figures...

Alright, fellow stat-monkeys...here's the lowdown :

Rose 10.81m (44.81% share)
The End Of The World 7.97 (37.84%)
The Unquiet Dead 8.86 (37.78%)
Aliens Of London 7.63 (35.67%)
World War III 7.98 (40.15%)
Dalek 8.63 (44.89%)
The Long Game 8.01 (40.39%)
Father's Day 8.06 (44.38%)
The Empty Child 7.11 (36.59%)
Doctor Dances 6.86 (38.53%)
Boom Town 7.69 (38.55%)
Bad Wolf 6.81 (37.92%)
Parting Of The Ways 6.91 (43.96%)

The Christmas Invasion 9.84 (44.0%)

New Earth 8.62 (38.6%)
Tooth and Claw 9.24 (42.3%)
School Reunion 8.31 (39.8%)
The Girl in the Fireplace 7.90 (36.6%)
Rise of the Cybermen 9.22 (40.1%)
The Age of Steel 7.63 (35.5%)
The Idiot's Lantern 6.76 (32.2%)
The Impossible Planet 6.32 (39.8%)
The Satan Pit 6.08 (35.6%)
Love and Monsters 6.66 (38.3%)
Fear Her 7.14 (39.7%)
Army of Ghosts 7.66-est (43.2%-est)
Doomsday - 7/7-est (43.0%-est)

Judging from the consistant way the overnights have translated into final figures, I'd reckon both Army of Ghosts and Doomsday to clock in with about 8.1 or 8.2m viewers.

Which would give us the scores on the doors :

Eccleston 7.95m (40.1%)
Tennant 7.71m (38.8%)

If you want to chuck in the Christmas Invasion for Tennant as well, that would give him an average of 7.86m (39.2%).

Considering the way the footy bit into a couple of the episodes, and not having the "first Doctor Who series for 16 years!" boost, that's pretty sweet. It might not be the heights of Hartnell or Tom, but it's definitely up around a Davison kinda level for both the 9th and 10th Doctors.

I don't think there's been an occasion when the football hasn't helped rather than hindered the show.

No, the only hindrance has been the (deep breath) summer.

I'm writing this from Dundee via my hotel's wireless network! Why am I still amazed by such things?
I flew over Canary Warf an hour or so ago and they cleaned it up great ;-)

The figures are great for the time of year, and the time slot. Best thing to do is compare the figures with similar timeslot from two years ago to see what's been happening.
It was interesting that Robin Hood (which has the autumn slot, grrr...) was being promoted yesterday - I'd suggest that this is going to get the limelight for a while now.

Cheers, Tog and Flick (and the rest) - that does put it all into perspective.

I'm just permanently predisposed to think the worst of Who's future television credentials - I'm an eighties child, so go figure.

Though some kind of announcement regards the show's future beyond 2007 would certainly be welcome before Season 3 starts airing next spring, dontcha think?

Don't worry, I was permanently worried about cancellation in the first series. Everytime something didn't work I had visions of people turning their TVs off in droves and an imminent announcement of cancellation! :)

Yes, the World Cup helped, but skewed the ratings DOWN. I watched the final episode in a pub room with a widescreen that was only installed for the cup. How were the dozen of us included in the ratings? How many other pubs had groups of people using screens installed for the Cup to watch it - and the last three weeks as well?
The Guardian has published a list of weblogs about the episode on page 2 today, nice to know more us cried than expected.

In terms of number of viewers, the new Doctor Who has not reached the heights of Hartnell and Tom, that's true. However, in terms of the perhaps more appropriate measure of average chart position, the new show is probably more successful than Doctor Who has ever been with the possible lone exception of the height of Dalekmania following Dalek Invasion of the Earth through The Chase in Season 2. Ever since the new series has started, it's consistently finished in the Top 20 for its week. Only Dalek Invasion of the Earth, The Rescue, The Web Planet, The Chase, and The Deadly Assassin (barely) were that popular back in the day.

So it's not just a "Davison kinda level" though it might be in number of viewers. Compared to its competition, it's way, way above Davison's level.

Well there was City Of Death's 16.1m/80 percent of the viewership against, er, nothing on ITV, but I don't suppose that really counts.

As for the Chrimbo Invasion, bear in mind that it was not uncommon for Morecombe & Wise or a star-studded BBC variety show to pull in 25-million-plus back in the 70s, when Christmas telly really was a special event. Christmas really has got shittier in the last thirty years, no?

Not really. We just have more channels, DVDs and PlayStations than they did in the Seventies...

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