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Jul 05, 2006

They're Not Ghosts! They're Metal People! And they hurt Alistair!

LeftBorn during 1970 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, to Peter and Sally Appleton, Alistair Appleton represents the best that British TV has to offer: House Doctor. Cash in the Attic. Doctor Who. Entire legions of women adore the man, despite the fact that he is extremely out, extremely proud and extremely buddhist. (Okay, I'm not sure why women would object to the Buddhism part, but I was struggling for a third item in that sentence.) A show with Alistair is a guarantee of perky manly goodness. Until the cybermen.

The evil bastards.


I mean, yes, I've always thought of the Cyberman as standard Dr Who enemies: cheesy, unscary and slightly low-rent.

But now they've attacked my Alistair.

Revenge must be had. Immediately.

I suppose it says something about the show that we kept rewinding the bits with Alistair and fast forwarding through most of the rest. Mickey was a nice touch--although if the cybermen come from his alternaworld, why aren't they all planting daisies and singing Kumbayah, now that they all have emotions. Didn't they all get frotzed at the end of that earlier episode?

The Jackie/Pete reunion happy ending is pretty strongly hinted out. Let's see if the Rose/Mickey one follows, as she returns to alternaworld and "dies" on standardwhoearth.

I mildly liked the Cyberman reveal but loathed the Dalek one.  What were they thinking? Also loved the Torchwood part--can't wait for Captain Jack!

And leave my Alistair alone!


"if the cybermen come from his alternaworld, why aren't they all planting daisies and singing Kumbayah, now that they all have emotions."

Maybe some cybermen were in the lift at the time and didn't get the signal or say in deep secret undercover bunkers in Paris.

Dodgy chips.

Ones being created at the time or just about to be converted may be unaffected.

Plus some people are just evil and would continue converting others. You know, the sort of people that voted in Blair.

Actually I think Mickey mentioned someting along the lines of "Just as we had them all beat, the ones that were left just up and disappear." or words to that effect. Sounds like they almost had the Cybermen offed, but the remnants stepped sideways and ghosted up here.

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