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Jul 18, 2006

The Clockwise Man Audio Edition - Deadline

Crunch time. I've been working on the script (about halfway through Chapter 8 at the moment), and I've decided to set a deadline. Not just for me to finish the script, but for all those who were interested in contributing to the audio to send in their voice samples. Are you ready? Here's the date...

9th August, 2006.

That's my mother's birthday, if you're interested in that sort of thing. Anyway, I will have the script finished by then, so it'll just be a matter of getting the voices sorted out. If I don't have enough volunteers, then I'll round up the remainder of the crew from the Outpost Gallifrey forums, but I'm reluctant to do this - I kinda want it to be a Tachyon TV project. If that makes sense. :)

I will accept voice samples in almost any format, although MP3 is preferred. Send it to...


...and I'll get back in touch ASAP. I really want to get this done folks, so do take 10 minutes out of your lives to get me a sample. And as a final effort to encourage you all, if I can't get the whole thing organised by Christmas, then (sadly) I'll probably end the whole thing. So come on! Support your local merchants! Keep it British! And so on!

Seriously, I want to get this over and done with. I've alnmost had enough of it as it is. Should have stuck with just reading the damned thing. I don't know, back in my day, rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb, yadda yadda yadda...


This is *not* a Tachyon TV project. But if you want to help out Chris (I have no idea who Darth is) then please feel free.

I'm assuming 'Darth' finds your lack of faith, how can I say, disturbing...

I know it's not an 'official' Tachyon TV project, but I sort of hoped that people who posted here would still come forward and contribute. A sort of fan-TachyonTV project, if you will.

Of course none of this makes any difference whatsoever, as once again I find my little ol' post being crushed underneath a complete whopper, meaning nobody will ever read this. :(

Hey..."I care."

I'm just not much use in your venture, seeing as how I sound nothing like any of the people you need. But I really hope it goes well for you.

Hallo! I'm reading it! :)

If you really need someone, I'll do something, but I'm having a microphone related problem at the mo as it is, so it's a bit difficult to do a sample. Will do one if I can.

If you need an extra voice, it would be easy for me to double-up, so to speak; since the clockwork voice will be electronically treated (and limited to a few lines in any case), there wouldn't be any problem here in voicing a second character that would sound like an entirely different person doing it altogether.

I'd be interested in contributing. What sort of thing do you want on the voice sample? Just reading/speaking normally or a range of voices? Reading an extract from the novel itself? Not done this before so not really sure what would help you.

Ahh... three people. Now I know how John Edward feels. Ha!

Dave, I've already got someone doing the clockwork men (I think), but I'll bear that in mind. And thanks for caring, guys!

Okay, four people. You guys need to stop posting just before me. :)

Check your e-mail Gary. And for the rest of you - just send me whatever. It's just to get a fee for your voice so I know what part to give you, so do whatever. Read Wuthering Heights, re-enact a scene from your favuorite episode, whatever. Just send me a sample, dammit! :p

You can always sample my Eccleston from the 'Long Game' podcast - provided 'The Clockwork Man: Audio Edition' has plenty of profanity it should sound fine.

And pardon my ignorance, but who's John Edward?

Please sort out your login name or face the consequences...

If you're talking to me Neil, I don't quite understand what you mean.

Sean - The John Edwards I mean is the host of Crossing Over. And if you feel like voicing Eccleston, then I'd be happy to have you on board.

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