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Jul 11, 2006


Season 2 has been a bumpy ride. There’s been a lot to forgive. Sometimes we all need a little forgiveness. On Saturday Doctor Who was redeemed. Past mistakes are forgiven.

Russell delivers the goods, not only with a normal dismissive waive of the hand but a proper piece of sci-fi. There is logic behind his ideas and when the truth about the Genesis Ark was revealed I was amazed. It made sense!

It took guts to break a taboo and pitch the show’s greatest villains against each other. It then took sheer bloody mindedness to ignore this ultimate confrontation. When those Daleks rose from the Sphere I was jumping up. The Daleks were back! The pepper-pots had returned and looked better than ever. Then it’s over in 20 minutes.

It’s only fair Rose gets a proper send-off. Things may have become terse recently but she’s still the same wonderful character as she ever was. A companion in a million needed the most heart-wrenchingly beautiful scene possible and she got it.

We have waited a long time for Murray gold to settle down and for the last ten minutes, finally does he not only produce something which is OK, or good, but a piece of music which is brilliant. Part Bad Wolf theme, part pop ballad it grabs you by the throat and screams – “Cry dammit! CRY!” without resorting to the clichéd minor key piano. Those raw violins coupled with Flavia’s crooning play the heartstrings like a banjo. (The music is available on the BBC hompage currently but I have a recording so if anyone is interested just e-mail me and I can send it to you.)

It’s the goodbye SJS never had. Things turned out well for Rose. She has her old life back, only a better version. Yet still she hadn’t said goodbye; when she does it’s a highpoint for the season. Who wouldn’t travel to the ends of the Earth for the person they loved? Billie Piper ended her Who career in fine style and we shalln’t remember the bad times, but the wonderful ones, like when she stands on that beach. I’ve wanted to love David Tennant’s Doctor and come close at times. Finally, this is a character to love.

And then, still wiping his tears from his eyes our hero carries on with his solitary life defending the uni – wtf?! Catherine “I’m not in the least bit funny” Tate? In a bridal gown? Oh well. That looks... light hearted. but why the worst “comedienne” on the beeb? Perhaps the answer will lie at the bottom of this year’s Christmas stocking.

Roll on Torchwood!


I wouldn't say she's the worst comedienne on the Beeb. I think her show is absolutely appalling, one of the unfunniest shows I've ever known. However, as an actress she's quite good, slipping into different characters at the drop of a hat. The point is that she's a COMEDY actress, and it's all very obviously about her enjoying herself. I fear we do have another stunt cast, where RTD just wanted a joke to tide us over to Christmas for the punchline. Whether that works or not...

I don't recall all this geek uproar about stunt casting of smug unfunny comedians when Simon Pegg was in last year. Or Tony Head, come to that. Perhaps because the shows they're associated with are just more geek-friendly - or just less popular?

I mean, whoever next - that bloke what does the unfunny voiceovers on Little Britain? Some ageing Carry-On hack? Bonnie Langford?

Yeah but the difference being Simon Pegg and Tony Head actually ARE funny.

And I'm personally pushing for a Doctor Who/Randall & Hopkirk crossover. SO THERE.

I thought Catherine Tate was good in Big Train, alongside Simon Pegg and Tracey Anne Oberman, as it happens. Mark Heap or Kevin Eldon next year perhaps?

i reckon catherine tate character in the xmas episode is going to be the anti-rose she wont like the doctor maybe even be pretty obnoxious and only go with him to get home.

I really liked that piece of music Gold came up with for the beach scene as well. Very nice stuff.

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