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Jul 09, 2006

Prophecy 13. Enough!

Incredible viewing. Astonishing acting. Some wonderfully funny moments enhanced by some truely tearjerking moments, capped off by an incredible cliffhanger which will ensure millions come back for the resolution, having hung on for months after this captivating experience.

But I probably shouldn't review Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest here, as I mustn't ruin it for anyone else. Instead I'll review Doomsday.

It wasn't bad, for the most part. Rose was incredibly slappable, with all her terrible smugness to the Dalek Supreme. Camille Coduri gave her least dislikeable performance yet, and it's about time. Shaun Dingwall was wonderful as always, showing new depths to the character in the short spaces of time he gets on screen. What a waste. I say make him the new assistant. Noel Clarke was impressive. This encore to his storyline has been very worthwhile. David Tennant was fabulous. And Billie Piper's gone. All in all, a good day for the cast of Doctor Who.

But then there's Catherine Tate. Oy.

The script isn't too bad either. It's not Steven Moffat, Tom Macrae, or Matt Jones standard, but it's not bad. CyberYvonne is an interesting concept, where the brain can lose all emotions but retain its primary instinct. Logical, really. The Genesis Arc is an interesting concept aswell, although it seems a strange name. I presume that it isn't a Gallifreyan name, but one given by the Daleks in expectance of its cargo. The Void Residue is also interesting, and one assumes (or rather hopes) that the Doc's Glasses are specially made. Otherwise, it seems a strange neccessity for fans of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

"Don't buy a pirate copy of Spy Kids 3D on DVD, off the black market or from another dimension. Those illegally imported from other probability extensions are easily identified by the black residue surrounding the packaging, visable using the special eye pieces provided. This message is brought to you by the Federation Against Illegally Trading Across the Void and Alternate Realities (FAITAVAR)."

Rumours are that if Torchwood is successful, Faitavar will be the new spin off, featuring Catherine Tate as AmIBovvadaloff, Bruno Langley as humourous excuse for clicking incessantly, and that man looking the wrong way suspiciously in World War Three.

Anyway, the scripts alright. Except the bitchfight between the Daleks and the Cybermen, equivalent to a playground "You're better than us at one thing, you're better at being losers!!!". Dumb. Although I was giggling gleefully during the goodbye scene between the Doc and Rose. Perhaps not the intended response, but there we are.

And the Dalek Supreme cunningly disappears. So I'm guessing from now on we won't be able to go a series without the Daleks. Understandable, as that would mean that RTD would have to actually write a script which relies on being a good script.

Direction is fab. It was a bit ropey last week, but bar spending too long on Rose and not enough time on the fighting, it was pretty damn good.

But I'm not looking forward to The Runaway Bride. I wouldn't watch the film, why would I watch the Doctor Who episode? Well, obviously I will. *sigh*

That mini prophecy was bollocks, wasn't it? But I assumed that travel between dimensions was a little harder than it turned out to be. Ah well. The main prophecy was pretty accurate though.
"12/13. This is the difficult one. You can guarantee it'll be epic. You can guarantee it'll be chock-full of monologues. You can guarantee that some of it is very well written. But after that it could go either way. With RTD you can't always be sure. Especially with all those *ahem* "celebs" making appearances. It could be a panto, it could be a legend."
Yep. It was a legend, then it was a panto. Sounds about right.

8.5/10 bar the last 30 seconds.


It is indeed not Tom Macrae's level. Thank goodness for that!

Didn't you like his scripts then? I thought they were excellent. Just like Steven Moffat, and Matt Jones, he provided a well paced, well thought out 90 minutes of drama. And he succeeded in achieving the impossible: he made Mickey likeable.

It's not 'Tom Macrae' standard??
Wasn't he the worse of the new Who writers or am I missing something here?
He did pen the Cyber Clunkers yes?

He did write the Cybermen two parter, yes, which was a great script, in my opinion. It could have done with a bit of reshuffling, perhaps, but the general content was excellent.

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