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Jul 10, 2006

NTA: Nearly Time Again

The National Television Awards are back again. So now, I implore you, Vote for Doctor Who to win best drama, and for David Tennant to win best Actor. Sod Billie.

I felt torn in two when the categories for best Drama and best Actor came up, as the two best drama series of the year were put in competition: Doctor Who versus Life On Mars. John Simm versus David Tennant. And, while David Tennant has outdone John Simm in the diversity of his acting skill this year, I couldn't put down that this year's adventures with the good Doctor were better than Sam Tyler's. So I put David Tennant for Best Actor, but Life On Mars for best Drama. Oh, and there was no way I could put Billie Piper's gormless mug as best Actress.


Anyway, here's the link. http://nta.itv.com/ or http://nta.itv.com/Tweenie.aspx to go straight to the voting. And please, Vote Who at least once.


So do you not like Billie Piper then?

It's a bit funny to urge people on a DW blog to vote - at least once - for DW.

And I voted for Billie anyway.

Btw, I hope Noel Edmonds wins the presenter category. The competition is a walk over.

Seriously though really? I'm such a disciple I voted Bonnie Langford in her category. I loved Life on Mars but its a cult thing.

Oh, Noel's a dead cert. Love that show. Did you hear about its new spin-off? It's called Noel Road Lead, where the street where Noel lives gets turned into a lead factory, and he has to turn to the one man who can help him: Edgar "Mr Blobby" Blobby.

I had the same voting dilemma with Tennant/Simm/Glenister and Doctor Who/Life on Mars. In the end I just cleared my cookies and voted twice. You just can't choose between the only two good things on TV!

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