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Jul 09, 2006

Meet The Authors: Dave Sanders


Age: 36

Location: Norn Iron. Pity me.

Homepage: No blog, but http://ealadubh@deviantart.net showpieces a few artistic endeavours.

Earliest Dr Who memory: I definitely recall being present for Pertwee's last season in 1974, though I couldn't tell you which story.

Favourite Doctor Who TV Story of all-time: Logopolis, if only for the brooding atmosphere and Paddy Kingsland music.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum: Delta And The Bannermen. Imagine all the worst bits of Love & Monsters, but laughing at the audience and itself rather than with them. NNNNNNNnnnnngh.

Favourite Doctor: Patrick Troughton. So wonderfully childlike.

Favourite Companion: K-9. What can I say? I was eight.

Favourite Doctor Who Novel: The Seventh Doctor one in the Land Of Fiction. What was that called again?

Favourite Doctor Who Audio: Do the 'Radio Collection' soundtracks of the missing stories count? Evil Of The Daleks if they do.

Favourite Doctor Who Website: The official BBC site for the episode guides, and this one for the reviews and podcasts. Can I have the money now Neil?

Favourite non-Who Website: Homestar Runner.

Favourite Film: At the moment, Wallace & Gromit.

Favourite TV Show: Well duh. Oh alright then, classic era Scooby-Doo if I must.

I enjoy listening to: The Goon Show, various videogame music soundtracks and Paddy Kingsland.

I enjoy reading: American satire books and 50s/60s MAD magazines.

Other sci-fi I enjoy: Blake's Seven.

Thing that irritates me the most: Asperger's syndrome, counting off a new midlife crisis every day of the week.

Favourite joke: "...and then the Dalek walks into a pub..."

Guilty Pleasures: Er, Scooby-Doo and Paddy Kingsland. :P

Reasons for Blogging: Feeding the ego by inflicting opinions on people. What else does one blog-review for? (joke)


Methinks that should be http://ealadubh.deviantart.com/ ...

The Seventh Doctor one in the Land Of Fiction. What was that called again?


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