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Jul 01, 2006

Meet The Authors : Kevin Jordan

Pictur1_1Age: 39
Location: Essex, UK (no jokes please)

Homepage: http://rubber-room.blogspot.com/ was my aborted attempt at a weblog. The first paragraph was good. That was as far as it got. One day...

Earliest Dr Who memory: Bits and pieces of various Pertwee's including Curse Of Peladon, but it was Planet of the Spiders when I became a true fan.

Favourite Doctor Who TV Story of all-time: The Deadly Assassin, with The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances on it's heels.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum:  God, Timelash by a mile.

Favourite Doctor: The one's that weren't Colin Baker. Oh if I must - Peter Davison.

Favourite Companion: Steven. Peter Purves was great.

Favourite Doctor Who Novel: Of the ones I have read, I seem to remember Love and War being resonably good.

Favourite Doctor Who Audio: Minuet in Hell

Favourite Doctor Who Website: Outpost Gallifrey - Particularly for the great DVD covers section in the forum. Oh and this one for making me feel so welcome.

Favourite non-Who Website: So many... http://www.newsarama.com/ for comics (of which I have FAR too many), http://jelly.b3ta.com/ for humour and www.digitalspy.co.uk for TV.

Favourite Film: Moulin Rouge

Favourite TV Show: Old: GBH (Alan Bleasdale's masterpiece) or A Very Peculiar Practice. New: House.

I enjoy listening to: Tori Amos, The Flaming Lips, Chris Rea, William Topley etc etc.

I enjoy reading:  Stephen Donaldson, Terry Pratchett,Jasper Fforde, Peter F Hamilton, Tad Williams. I won't touch Robert Jordan though.

Other sci-fi I enjoy: Lost, Carnivale, Dead Like Me, Sapphire & Steel, DS9

Thing that irritates me the most: Feeling I am slowly turning into Victor Meldrew as I approach 40. Working too much so I can't post on this blog.

Favourite joke: A guy walks into the psychiatrist wearing only cling-film for shorts.
The shrink says, "Well, I can clearly see you're nuts."

Guilty Pleasures: DIY SOS and Neil Diamond

Reasons for Blogging: Feeling part of a community - and it's great fun.


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