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Jul 13, 2006

Doomed, We're All Doomed

So Rose did die in Doomsday after all. Well kind of, not dead in the in-little-bits-like-Adric-at-the-end-of-Earthshock way but dead in terms of our universe. I guess that as Rose would never leave the Doctor voluntarily, that was really the only way that it could have been done.

I did sort of guess that Rose would have been rescued once she was about to fall into the void but how on Earth did Pete manage to rescue Rose and avoid them both being pulled into the void? I guess that is a question that will never be answered, and perhaps it doesn’t matter, because it was a brilliantly dramatic moment.

Dw20052x13doomsday01611 One thing that I noticed was that there was no cliffhanger resolve again; it just sort of carried on. Can’t these people write cliffhangers any more? This is only a minor gripe though and did not really impinge on my enjoyment of the episode as whole. I really enjoyed Doomsday and there are quite a few things that I really did enjoy such as the Daleks and Cybermen playground talk: You will identify yourselves first, no you will identify yourselves etc. Nick Briggs obviously having the time of his life throughout the episode. The Dalek’s considering themselves to be the superior race was also good. Pest Control indeed.

The episode was pretty much a re-write of The Parting of Ways: we got the death (well sort of) of a major character and a comedy cameo at the end of the episode leading into the Christmas special.

I have never before heard the Cybermen referred to as pests before but I guess the Daleks who do consider themselves to be the greatest life form in the galaxy would think that of other races. I also love the fact that they can be so confident, that just four Daleks will be enough to destroy 5 million Cybermen. That was a great line and made me laugh and was sort of a reference back to the earlier Dalek stories where there were only a few Daleks but were made to look as if there were hundreds of them. In this case there was just four Daleks! I also liked the idea of the Dalek’s having names. I did, at first, think that one of them might have been called Dave but sadly it wasn’t!

When the Genesis Ark turned out to be a dimensionally transcendental prison, I was so glad that it wasn’t Davros, or the Hand of Omega (which I did think it might have been when it was revealed to be of Time Lord engineering rather than of Dalek. That would have been a “throw things at the television” moment but in the end it turned out to be a punch the air moment, a moment that made you go wow.

Dw20052x13doomsday01140_1 I loved the moment when Pete and Jackie got back together. That was a lovely moment and was just what Jackie deserved after all she had been through. I knew that it wouldn’t be that popular with a lot of fans, as emotions have no part in Who, apparently.

I can’t say that I was that sad at the end when Rose was stuck in the parallel universe, or that sad about the Doctor losing Rose. Call me heartless if you like but I was more moved by Pete and Jackie being happy. Perhaps it is because I have really taken a dislike to the characters of Rose and Doctor or something but it was a beautifully written scene and the pan across the faces of Pete, Jackie and Mickey said it all.

It did seem a bit strange that Rose would rather die than remain in the alternative universe with her now reunited family. I suppose that shows that she was not the Rose Tyler we met way back in Rose.

Mickey was also good in the episode, I loved the bit when he dived to the floor and grabbed that big gun. He had definitely grown since we first saw him and it is definitely a shame that it is probably the last time we will see him.

Graeme Harper’s direction was superb. I just love the way how he often will only show parts of the Daleks or the Cybermen i.e. an eye stalk, a cyber arm, a close up of the tear-drop eye etc. It certainly makes for a visually interesting concoction.

The ending had a touch of the deus-ex-machina about it, but at least it was signposted earlier on rather than just appearing at the end of the episode like in The Sand Pit.

The episode was pretty much a re-write of The Parting of Ways: we got the death (well sort of) of a major character and a comedy cameo at the end of the episode leading into the Christmas special.

It’s just a shame that they didn’t announce the new companion until now, if only just to see the furore that would have unfolded on the forums at that final scene in the episode.

The reappearance of Jake was a little bit pointless to be honest, he hardly had anything to do and I half expected him to die. Indeed, once they were all back in the alternative universe he was soon forgotten about.

In general Doomsday worked and it did exactly what a good season finale should do, it was exciting, epic, action-packed, emotional. There are quite a few questions left unanswered such as did the Cybermen created in our universe get pulled into the void? How did Cyber-Yvonne manage to break free of her programming so much when none of the other seemed to do? Did any other Daleks other than the Black one manage to escape the void? I am pretty sure this is not the end of the Daleks. Much like in The Evil of the Daleks, we will see them again in a couple of years I am sure.

Dw20052x13doomsday02467_1 I actually enjoyed the ending; it was the most surprising thing to happen in the episode. I never, in a month of Sundays expected that to happen. It’s just a shame that they didn’t announce the new companion until now, if only just to see the furore that would have unfolded on the forums at that final scene in the episode. As it is, some people have already decided not to watch the Christmas special. In the words of Mr. T “I pity the fools”.

The Doctor Who Bumper Book of Made-up Facts has this to say about Doomsday: The scene of the Doctor crying was achieved by the director stealing David Tennant’s water pistol and not letting him have it back until the end of filming that day.


I wondered about Jake as well. What happened to him? I'm guessing he made it back to the alt-world (the idea of him staying and getting sucked into the void is a wee bit harsh, even for RTD), where he realised there wasn't a place for him in the Tyler household anymore and promptly went down the pub, but it would have been nice to have told!

And Yvonne's overwhelming duty to Queen and Country is what broke her free of her programming. She was so dedicated to making Britain truly great that even with the emotional inhibitor in place, she was still able to 'override' it, as it were.

I'm more impressed with how she managed to cry, but that's being picky.

Looking forward to the Christmas Special (after the DVDs for this season natch).

I don't see that Yvonne overrode her programming, or broke free. The brain is the most important part of the Cyberman (as noted by Lumic), and the prime function of her own brain was to act for her country. Therefore, even though her body had been cybernised and her emotions removed, the brain still took control, with her own primary function.

And the tear? Perhaps it's her brain melting through the compromising instructions in her head.

...I think the Valley Girls have a word for that in their language.

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