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Jul 09, 2006

Blown away

First, let me state that the Catherine Tate bit at the end is entirely irrelevant - just a set-up for Xmas. Don't care that it broke the mood a bit, I was still drying my tears at that point.

Wow, what an emotional rollercoaster. The Dalek vs Cybermen stuff was awesome, and I'll deal with plot-holes later, but hats of to RTD for daring such an ending, with unexpected happiness - Pete and Jackie being together again -  and Rose's misery, but also with her dying in such a way as to allow for comebacks.

Now the niggles. How come Yvonne could resist Cyberisation? Was the process interrupted by the Daleks? My suspicion is that RTD didn't want her to have no redeeming features whatsoever - the reason that Gene Roddenberry didn't like the Romulans. Why did the Time Lords imprison millions of Daleks rather than destroying them? Well, that leads to a point:

the Doctor owes an enormous debt to the universe for failing - as Tom Baker - to destroy them at birth. He seems fated to pay by defeating them throughout eternity (and come on RTD - who are the eternals), but always at great cost to lives of others. perhaps RTD is planning to deal with this.

A Dalek sect? Possible. Could arise from the pro and anti Davros times, or could arise from early in the process of creating the Daleks, where individuality hadn't been totally erased. Otherwise such individuality could only ever be imaginary and nothing could be learned from it.

However, the question of why Cybermen created in an alternate world should resemble Mondas cybermen is still problematical.But there is a strong element of fate running through RTD's work, so we'll have to see.

As for Catherine Tate, well, like her or not, at least we know she won't be the new companion. No wonder they announced Freema Agyeman's role during the week, people would have been SCREAMING!


Actually I think all Daleks after the Troughton era could levitate, they just probably chose not to. Either that, or those were Post-Remembrance Daleks and could all levitate by that time anyway.

Oh, and Elderly Jo Grant = Iris Wildthyme, so I doubt she'll get sucked into any void that she doesn't want to.

The Yvonne "cyber-thing" is parodying Flash Gordon and the mind-wipe of Hans Zarkoff. He beat the mind-wipe by remembering his history. Yvonne beat cyber-isation by fixating on her mistake at doing what she did for "honour and duty".

Flick - dammit, you'd got my hopes up re: whiny Adam there!

Adam probably reminded the Doctor of Adric - enuff said ;)

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