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Jul 10, 2006

Amongst the Mundanes

One thing I do like to do is to finds out what people who DON'T go online to comment on Doctor Who have to say.

From a straw poll of people from work it seems 100% thought The Parting of the Ways was absolutely brilliant. One hadn't picked up the news that Freema Agyeman is to be the new companion, and so was a little worried that it would be Catherine Tait - but he was more worried about whether she would be any good, on the basis that if RTD thought she was up to the job, he must have seen something in her. I allayed his fears.

Another, who "never really" watched the original series and has only got into it from Eccleston onwards, went as far as to say that she was "choking up just talking about it".

So there you have it. A straw poll of,OK, just those two people, I admit it, but neverthelessI chose them at random.


Did you mean Parting of the Ways or Doomsday?

I've had similar comments from people about Doomsday, and similarly one person was worried sick that Tate was the next companion! Regardless of what we hardcore fans thought, it seems the wider audience loved every minute.

Shocking. It's almost as if the complacent public is happy to be fobbed off with something that's been so obviously lovingly crafted to entertain and enthrall a massive cross-generational audience, when they should be seeking out import DVDs of self-consciously 'gritty' remakes of disco-era obscurities. The sheep!

My mum loved Aliens of London.
That's just the way it goes.

The staff room at work was buzzing with Doctor Who chat all of it very positive. It seems Rose's departure had all the parents and the kids in floods of tears for some time after the episode finished.

I have to admit, I felt the same way as your 'random person' about Catherine Tate when I first saw the episode - I literally had to go onto the internets and find out it wasn't true!

I mean, one episode is fine and I don't doubt it's going to be very enjoyable indeed, but as a full-blown companion she would fall flat on her face.

...but she's not, so that's okay.

Nominations are in for the National TV Awards. "Doctor Who", David Tennant and Billie Piper are some of the nominees.

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