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May 03, 2006

The Clockwise Man - Audio Edition?

In between looking for a job (interview tomorrow - wish me luck!) and waiting for new episodes of Doctor Who to download, I get rather bored. So, just for the hell of it, I dug out my old microphone and started playing around. Then, in an issue of something or other, I saw an advert for audio versions of the three new David Tennant Doctor Who nevels - read by the man himself. And I thought 'Why haven't they done that for the Eccleston books?'

Which lead to this - me reading the first non-chapter of The Clockwise Man. So... what do you think? Should I do the rest of the book? Are my impersonations of Eccleston and Piper really all that bad?

Comments please!


It's the Martin Jarvis of Behind the Sofa!

I'm on dialup so I can only hear the first 2 minutes at the moment but I'm impressed so far! Your voice reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger on it...

Definately make another, just don't tell Justin Richard's lawyers. And the impressions are very fine indeed, particularly the old woman ;-)

Good luck with the interview as well.

Thanks guys. If I ever do finish this, I'll make a Torrent file out of it, so you people of dial-up can actually download the thing. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get some caffine in me before I start the next chapter...

Not really related to this post(Unless Big Finish decide to hire Darth - HEY wouldn't that be a great Who Unbound series?? Tachyon TV Presents: Doctor Who Unbound!), but has anyone heard ANYTHING on if BF could land Eccleston or Tennant at some point, seeing as how they've got the previous 4(and several alternates)?

You know Tennant would do it(if the BBC let him), he's played 5 or 6 parts in several BF audios already.

Haven't heard a thing, sadly, but if they ever were going to do any 9th or 10th Doctor audios, they'd have to get Billie Piper to agree as well, and I'm not sure she'd be so quick to agree. Maybe in a couple of years it'll be more likely.

I'm not sure their license extends to any of the new series - unless that was changed, of course.

Give it time...

Oh, and the interview went well. Fingers crossed I get the job!

No, sadly, the Big Finish license doesn't extend to the new series and that includes oblique references or the time war or McGann regenerating. All of which are a good thing. I like them being separate.


Just listed to your reading, and it's truly excellent. You should persevere with this.

However, if you don't, we could always turn it into a round-robin excercise, with each BTSA member reading a chapter each. That could make things really interesting!

Rest assured, I am still continuing with this. I've even got Andy Hackett doing a region 2 style DVD cover for it so it'll fit with all the other 9th Doctor stories when I finally get it done.

The problem is that my father is at home on holiday this week, so the times when I tend to record (lunchtime to early evening) are the same times when he has a nap - gah!

I'm doing my best though. Halfway through chapter one at the moment, and still not sure how I'm going to cope with so many voices! You should hear my faux-Russian - it's bloody good fun to do.

For those of you still interested, I've got a job - yay! - which means I'll have to put this project on hold - boo! It's just for a couple of weeks, and I do still intend to so this, but it's going to take longet then I anticipated.

But, just to keep you sated (I think that's the term) that DVD cover I mentioned has been finished, and it's absolutely lovely. Copy-paste the following into your browser bar to have a gander:


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