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May 03, 2006

That puppy in the window there

So how to sum up why this is so brilliant in under 30 minutes... Thanks to another Sunday of filming (over-schedule and budget) all the big issues have been thrashed out, and a sect of Anthony Head admirers has emerged - and mmmmm, can you blame them? Anyway this is clearly all about Sarah Jane Smith...or is it?

Because, not for the first time, the different generations are given separate perspectives. Due to a temporal quirk I should be on Rose's side, but UKTV and Entertain 2 came to the rescue and, for the purposes of argument, I 'remember' the good old days. Rather than any kind of structured prose here's a shambolic mishmash.

  • As SJS sees the TARDIS again, then sees the Doctor looking splendid and scary in a shaft of light.
  • Mr Finch's stylish foot-slide.
  • The face-off across the pool.
  • The Anthony Head-tilt.
  • SJS not being a sycophant and actually berating the Doctor for leaving her.
  • The far more alien performance David Tennant puts in, where the other episodes largely forgot about the Timewar, here's he's vulnerable and incredibly different, the way it should be.
  • Rose's realization that she isn't special.
  • A slight burp gag as Mr Finch secures the school, (OK, not a highlight but no one else mentioned it).
  • K9 spinning and shooting and not being a typical smart-arse.
  • Rose mouthing "no" as Mickey forces himself aboard.
  • The beautiful goodbye scene.

And pretty much everything else. It's not about the plot, which is best left to quietly make squashy noises in the background, but a) how Sarah coped with being left behind, b) how long Rose will be aboard and quite what the consequences for her are. If you want the meaningless plot with a couple of clichees for characters, and not real people and a point, then go elsewhere, probably New Earth. Tooth and Claw had the plot (but was much more than the above description, which is more of films in general) but I'd much rather have this, and yes, I sobbed like a little girl who's puppy died 20 minutes after getting it.

The only buggers: Mickey's along for the next couple of episodes (AARRGGHH!) and K9 and Company is obviously now canon.

The Tachyon TV Bumper Book of Made Up Doctor Who Facts has this to say about the writer of School Reunion: Toby Whithouse is secretly a hardcore fan of the series, owning every VHS released, (except The Twin Dilemma) a subscription to the Big Finish Audio spin-off "Adric Adventures" and regularly attends Dimensions in Time under the pseudonym "Gradey". His favourite Doctor is Peter Cushing.


That comment about crying as though your puppy died after 20 minutes...

Oh the pain. I had a cat once who I had to put down because of diabetes. Took me ages to pluck up the courage to replace her, and eventually I took in a gorgeous black kitten who I named Wilfrid, after my favourite poet and because it was St Wilfrid's Day (the patron saint of Ripon where I lived).

Beautiful cat. We were going to have many years of joy together.

I woke up next morning to find he'd died of a severe haemorrhage. What a mess.

Nothing to do with Doctor Who at all but, Flick, you just brought it all flooding back. Thanks for that...
I'm off to kill some orcs and undead.

My cat, Gallifrey, is very ill at the moment. I think he's on his 9th life. It's all very sad.

Neil, I'm sorry to hear about Gallifrey. I've lost two cats myself in the past six years, both in very upsetting circumstances. So if it's any help Jonathan and I (and I'm sure many others) know how you feel.

Do cats from Gallifrey have 13 lives, or just the stock 9? If so, maybe he's got a few left..

A quick update on the Gallifrey situation.

Basically, Galley is a very old cat (about 120 in cat years) and he's been slowing down a bit recently, but still very much himself. In the last twof days he hasn't been eating his dinner. Today I noticed him trying to eat it but something was stopping him from doing it. His miaow sounded very odd - a horrible sound that freaked me and my daughter out. So we decided to rush to the vets. We also convinced ourselves that he would be put down and we were in bits. This was compounded by the wife being in Canada at the moment, meaning she wouldn't have got a chance to say goodbye.

Anyway, we get to the vets - both of us crying our eyes out - and it turns out that he's got toothache! In fact they pulled out a tooth there and then, gave him an injection and - fingers crossed - he might be back on the mend. We hope. What an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Best bloody cat in the world.

Completely off-topic, I know. Sorry.

'Everybody lives...just this once'

We all need more days like this :)

And so, Gallifrey happily regenerates, somehow(as cats tend to) retaining his appearance and most of his personality. Happy ending indeed.

God I'm a nerd. Then again, I am truly happy for you. I had a cat up until recently named Bandit. Bandit was the closest creature in the world to me for a VERY long time, but only lived until he was 5(human years)ish. Had two kidney failures inside of a month and had to put him to sleep for his own good. I miss him horribly, but it makes me happy to hear Gallifrey's alright.

My mum and dad have a really old cat called Cabbage.

He must be about 16 or 17 now and is still going strong. Doesn't do a great deal any more though.

Adam, cat's don't do very much normally anyway. Old cats just do it slower.

That's part of the charm :-)

Clearly we need a 'Readers Cats' page!

Doctor Who and cats = Hand in paw. In the Faction Paradox audio "In the Year of the Cat" the homunculi(related to that from Talons of Weng Chiang) tells of origins of the Chinese Zodiac, and how there was a cat involved, but it paid no attention to the goings-on and thus neglected to get its own year(hardly to its dismay). Also, in Scherzo, where Paul McGann is narrating, he says, and I quote "But no one can tell a cat ANYTHING." Also, I'm laying odds that the cat from Empty Child is one of the cat aliens from Survival.

Didn't Colin Baker wear a cat broach as well?

Anyway, still no major change with Galley - he's still not eating properly (besides some warm milk) but that might be because the antibiotics haven't kicked in yet. He does seem a little perkier, though. Back to the vets tomorrow - should have more news then...

Please give Galley a big (but gentle) hug from me Neil.

Due to the ongoing partnership between Who and Cats, I nominate(if he's not already) Gallifrey the official cat of Tachyon and Behind the Sofa.

Well can I nominate my cat, Pickle (who stars in her own movie: http://homepage.mac.com/artistry/iMovieTheater17.html) as Vice Cat, or something?

Clearly my next cat will either have to be called STEWART after Mr Head, or Ellipsis...

This must be a bad week for BTSA cat owners. My wife's cat Indiana (so named because her maiden name was Jones) has just been to the vet's too. Two days of not eating or drinking or even moving off the sofa had me convinced he was on the way out.

Aparently his temperature was through the roof and he was dehydrated due to a kidney infection, but he didn't complain once - that was until the vet stuck the needle with the anti-bio's in him - and then he screamed the place down and tried to hang from the ceiling.

Seems to be on the mend now though.

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