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May 13, 2006

Rise of the Blogger

Can you Adam and Eve it?

Jprise1_1There I was watching Rise of the Cybermen, when suddenly - as if I've just entered a parallel universe or something - there' s fellow blogger JP - on screen! With David Tennant! And Billie Piper! He even gets a line/laugh (does that make him a member of Equity, now?).

I fell off my chair - and the last time that happened was at the end of Earthshock Part 1!

I'm sure JP will post here eventually about how he got the gig and who he had to sleep with, but as far as I can tell he was originally going to be in the background but then Graeme Harper needed the most gormless looking person they could find for the close-up.

Jprise2_1The rest, as they say, is history.

And he never even warned me...!

Does this make Tachyon TV canonical?

And at least we can boast that an upcoming podcast will feature a bona fide star of the show, I suppose. Assuming I don't kill him first.

PS - JP will be available for autographs in Stockton this November.



I knew there couldn't be two faces like that!

I'm happy for him. I want to kill him but I'm happy for him nevertheless.

I mean, it's a dream come true, isn't it? I would have paid thousands just to stand the background, let alone share a close-up 2 min scene with Tennant and Piper, and they *paid him*!!!!!!

And a bloody Cyberman episode too! Directed by Graeme Harper!

How does one man have so much luck ;-)

I just love the fact that for maximum effect he apparently resisted the temptation to tell everyone for *months*. Well played, JP. Well played.

So where was he then? (Don't know what he looks like).

Check his photo in the Authors section (he's the one on the right) and see if you can spot him.

I shall try and remember to keep a look out when I next watch the episode.

If only the live Tachyon TV podcast had been scheduled a week early. That would have been priceless...

Bloody jammie Brummie that he is!!
I guess that means JP never has to finish the phd, or write 'the' one ground breaking essay - top lifetime achievement.
I can't believe he didn't let on - top marks for managing to keep that one quiet.
So chuffed for you :)

I can't for that. Reviewing an you're actually in. Priceless.

Screen grabs are on the way. My Sky box is knackered and since I was on the phone as soon as it happened I missed 30 mins of the bloody episode! I'll have to watch it tomorrow! Damon is sending me some images but as I'm on dialup it's taking forever.


Screen grabs up as you can see - refresh your browser to see our new banner too ;-)

That is sooo jammy! I did wonder when I was watching but how did you keep that quiet? Sureal is the word.

Why wasn't he wearing a Tachyon TV T-shirt at the time? I'm gonna kill him twice!

Actually, make that 3 times - he's in next week's episode as well!

BTS - the official blog of the Doctor Who universe.

I'm going to pitch a Big Finish short-story spin-off immediately! I think we'll call his character PJ Duncan.

Ah shucks guys - more when Im sober, take care.

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