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May 08, 2006

Cyber Times

How bleedin' cool is this? I dunno, 3 BAFTAs and the fifth cover in 14 months. This coma is getting worse...



Sigh... what happened to the good old times when we just swapped with our mates in the playground?

it was hell. everyone already had 20 linnekars 4 hoddles and a piko!

You're all showing your age. It was keegan in my day.
The best sticker collection was The Empire Strikes Back. But I always hated the ones where you had to make big pictures out of several stickers. I never quite got the edges to match up.
It taught me a valuable lesson, however, and I have never, ever, attempted to wallpaper a room.

I played Pokemon for charity, does that count?

Also, aren't they at least keeping the black earpieces for the Cyberleader/controllers? That was my favorite part. Apparently, a lot of people liked that, it even got brought up in "Do You Have a License to Save this Planet?" with the guest-starring "Cyberons."

That is one hell of a cool cover. I must pop out and get one.

Sticker albums, eh? I remember the day when I swapped Zico for Peter Beardsley. What was I thinking?

Surely, the best collections were when you had to collect all the cards that came with the disgusting-tasting sticks of bubblegum.

Who can forget frantically trying to get both blue and red sets of Star Wards cards, or build the pictures from the backs of the Planet Of The Apes Cards.

Halycon days.

Oh my god, Kevin: I can smell the bubblegum cards! Oh what memories.

Now the question is: do we stick the stickers in, or keep them separate for posterity (by which I mean eBay)?

I recall a Superman The Movie version, wow did my teeth suffer for that collection

We stick the cards in of course!

I still have my Buck Rogers sticker album complete with about 70 big blank spaces where I could never be arsed to collect the set.

Except for the one with Wilma Deering in that skin tight suit...

Thanx to that cover, NOW I'm looking forward to the return of the cybermen - I just couldn't muster the enthusiasm before.

Looks like our lass has 4 days of "REISTENCE IS USELESS" to look forward to (which I'm sure won't land me in as much trouble as last years sink punger and eg-wisk shenanagins)

There's still a couple of Star Wars Tazos I'm missing if anyone can help...

I was i the shed last week and think I chucked them, will let you know. Were these released to celebrate the new versions of the original trilogy?

Yep. My Dad got a complete collection of those, but I, somewhat sadly, was missing a couple. Not that it matters, he forgot about the things within a month and so I claimed both collections. Result!

The sweet industry wouldnt dare do collctable in the largescale way they did then :(

they would be pilloried by the anti mcdonalds brigade

ahh sweet times

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