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May 08, 2006

Cyber Times

How bleedin' cool is this? I dunno, 3 BAFTAs and the fifth cover in 14 months. This coma is getting worse...



I'm sure we've all been waiting for the day when the Radio Times would have a brain on its front cover. Might scare the crap out of a few kiddies too, which is a good thing all round really!

Some good hype here and we could be looking at a big audience rating. And it surely can't be a worse show than Silver Nemesis...

Genius! So far my predictive skills have been staggeringly inaccurate, but despite reckoning on just a boxout, there is a boxout there. See? Bottom left hand corner..? Can I have half a point, please?

Holy shit, when did the Radio Times turn into Dreamwatch?

Cheezits christ. I think the world can stop pissing itself over the Terminator skull now. That thing looks like it would give a T800 nightmares. I like the eye-lights and the open brainpan. Kinda reminds us that these things AREN'T all robot, one thing I was a little worried about.

I dunno, those eye lights look a bit tacky, it's just a bunch of white LEDs. And the brain thing is worrying, are the Cybermen just robots with organic brains now? I preferred the old more mixed process of robotic arms, legs and some internal organs but with significant parts of the organic body still left. It was the mutilation of the person's body that I found so scary when I was younger.

Anyone else think it looks a bit like Metal Mickey?

Is it just me or this is the scariest cover in RT's long history (not counting that Colin Baker limited edition a couple of years back). I mean - look at that brain!

I like the eyes too - it looks so much more malevolent than all the others we've seen so far in the clips (I'm assuming this is the Cybercontroller). Very skull-life. I like it a lot.

Anyone brave enough to offer it a Thunderbuster?

Hey people forget the cover what about the lovely sticker book - so whos's started their collection. Swapsies anyone?

Can't get the stickers yet, JP. And I've looked all over town as well. But has anyone else noticed how the stickers that came with the album are just a LITTLE too small? A little too big is fine, but too small and you're left with a sort of shadow effect, which just ticks me off so much...

And Damon - has there been an established timeline? Has anyone 'in the business' actually said that TCI and co take place in 2006 or 2007 or 200whatever? If so, then feel free to put me in my place, but I don't think they have. And anyway, it's for the kiddies, right? Just like Doctor Who Adventures. Not that that stopped me getting my funky free TARDIS clock, but whatever.

Technically, you could argue that it is the tenth doctor that regenerates as it is the tenth doctor that results from the process.
But more accurate is to say 'the Doctor regenerates into his tenth incarnation' as it's wrong to say this is the tenth doctor - it's the original Doctor, but in his tenth body.

Oh look, I wrote that without any ellipses...

i have it and yes it is the cybercontroller :D

now i want stickers. Sticker swaps anyone?

Actually, watch this space :D

I can't help feeling the new Cyberman looks a bit, er, 'toothy' in this photo.
The lights don't make much sense in the eyes, after all if you look at our irises, they are black because they don't reflect light, they absorb it (feel free to correct my terminology). So what are the lights? Torches?

And the brain thing... OK, why would you advertise your weak spot to your enemies? It's hard enough to believe that Cybermen have a sense of aesthetics anyway, harder still to think they sit there saying 'you know what would look good? We should show off our brains'. Clearly the first inhabitants of Mondas to be converted were the fashion designers.

It's the equivalent of the vogue for walking around with your jeans halfway down your thighs. Never quite understood that.

Having said that, I quite like the new heads, quibbles aside, but I think the bodies don't really go with the svelte 'Metropolis' look.

(As an aside to the above, I saw a woman in Brighton on Saturday who had a tattoo of thong straps over her hips... Like she's not going to regret that when she's 70!)

Cyberleader or CyberController? Aren't they two different things?

IIRC the CyberController is rather, er, fat...


is my contribution to the swap world :)

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