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May 06, 2006

Cock Soup

Sarah Jane Smith returned, dejected, from a particularly unsuccessful support group meeting. It was her idea that, once a month, they all get together in a church basement and help each other out. AA (Assistants Anonymous) is a support group for the human (and the odd alien) flotsam and jetsam discarded companions of the Doctor. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, perhaps it was the fact that Liz Shaw and Jo Stringfellow (nee Jones [nee Grant]) spent the entire meeting bitch-slapping each other. Or perhaps it was the fact that Turlough disappeared off to the toilets with a knit wear catalogue and didn't surface for the rest of the evening. Perhaps the odd atmosphere was generated by an unseen Adric, wandering around the room, wondering why no-one was talking to him. Adric has never seen The Sixth Sense...

School Reunion

K9 So. It's Doctor Who does Highlander. But without the bangin' Queen soundtrack and the irrelevant, but compulsory, shagging scene. All that "you can grow old with me, but I can't grow old with you" was straight out of the first film of the increasingly desperate franchise. Highlander with a bleedin' dog. I’m saddened that my only reaction to him is vitriolic in the extreme. I’m equally saddened that Murray Gold didn’t try to work in the all time classic K9 & Company theme music into his score.

Casting an electron microscope over the episode reveals the existence of something approaching plot, although it was enough to keep things ticking along nicely. Just don’t attempt to analyze it too carefully otherwise you might go funny in the head. Things like why on earth is she driving around with a knackered K9 in her boot just didn’t make sense. But perhaps this is why she got rid of that awful Mini Metro, because the boot just wasn’t big enough to cope.

Baddog Tony Head was superb as ever, “I’ve just moved in next door and I’ve run clean out of human flesh to guzzle”. Probably the best Frank’n’Furter I’ve never seen. The showdown scene in the swimming pool was filled with just the right level of menace to make you want to shit your spine out through your quivering bum hole. It’s a pity he wasn’t playing the Master (as a thousand fan wank dreams are shattered) but they did, at least, have a little giggle to themselves with the sign on his office door.

Showdown The showdown scene was one of three great double acts: Rose and Sarah Jane; Mickey and the tin dog. And lots of great interaction as Rose sees her future (and has a game of Who Top Trumps with SJS in the process) and Mickey realizes his!

The bigger questions were, as always, left unasked...

KennyLike where did a British comprehensive school get that much computing equipment from? Perhaps the Krillitanes first evil scheme centered around spending as much money at Tescos as possible to save up all those Computers for Schools vouchers. And why didn’t they kill Kenny, then we could have all shouted… The lad who played Kenny was on Totally Doctor Who this week, he actually seems like he’s about 36 years old.

Teacher_1 And as for the Doctor being with-it, with his knowledge of happy slappy hoodies surely he’s also known that in this day and age that any child being able to spell physics, let alone knowing the value of a fractal division of imaginary quantum particles after it had been shot round a particle accelerator (or what ever it was he was asking) would have been sufficient evidence that there was something seriously wrong with these kids.

Sjsdoctor The Doctor spends the first part of the episode like a kid at a Who convention, meeting all these people he’s known for years. I’m surprise that he didn’t immediately whip out his vinyl LP of The Pescatons and ask Liz Sladen to sign it for him.

The one problem I’m beginning to have with all this is the relationship between Rose and the Doctor. It’s all starting to go a little Eighth Doctor/Charley on me. Perhaps I worry too much…

The Bumper Book of Made-up Doctor Who Facts has this to say about School Reunion: David Brierly actually made his Who comeback in this episode too, as the voice of Mickey Smith.


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