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Apr 16, 2006

"They should have a shop!"

Bah. Here I was, all hyped up and ready to enjoy brand new Doctor Who and then Russell goes and screws it all up with a bunch of campiness and unwanted characters. Thanks a bunch.

So what went wrong? Letting Mr Davies write the thing, for a start. Actually, that's a bit unfair, the script did have its moments - few as they were. So rather then focus on the writer, let's focus on his mistakes.

What was up with the diseases? If they'd been cured, why the hell were there people down below infected with them? It might have made sense if it'd gone with my earlier guess at what was going on - they were growing clones to transfer the diseases to - but that was too simple for Russell, wasn't it! And while we're on the subject, Intravenous drugs - even attractively-coloured ones from the year five billion and twenty three - would not do anything if you splashed them on your skin. They have to be injected, hence the name 'Intravenous'. Big gaping plot hole right there.

The rest of the flaws are somewhat easier to overlook, (recycling of sets [the papermill from 'Rose'] and scenes [the Elevator sequence from 'Rose' and 'Dalek'], the Face of Boe's voice being totally inappropiate, etc) but they're the big ones. And on the other end of the scale...

I like David Tennant. I wasn't sure, 'cause I hadn't seen that much of him, but this pretty much confirmed what I was hoping. He's a good Doctor. And Billie Piper isn't half bad either. Considering that I'm not a big fan of her, and that's high praise. Also, and I'm probably going to be alienated for this, I liked both their acting as Cassandra. Call me old fashioned, but I like a good ol' fashioned body-swap. The cat-people were also pretty creepy, so some point for that as well. And... no, I think that's about it. Sadly.

Not the best series opener I could imagine - good think that TCI is being classed as part of this series then, isn't it? 3 for RTD's lackluster writing, 1 for the shop idea, and 2 for the body-swapping. Total - 6/10. Must do better.


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