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Apr 15, 2006

The 1996 Podcast Movie Part 1

It's Saturday! And that can mean only one thing! Yes! Another Tachyon TV podcast available at the usual place

"Doctor Who and the Money Shot of Doom!"

John Paul joins the podcasting team as Tachyon TV tackles the '96 TV Movie with the Pertwee logo on it. Topics up for discussion this week include: the legendary Gordon Tipple, McCoy's gurning disease, sticky fluids, the acting talents of CGI and the lonely backward-headed baby Auton Invasion.

PS: Check out Page 16 of this month's SFX magazine!


I loved this, but I really missed Damon. When is he coming back? Thank God you ditched Williams.

Any sign of Gordon Tipple's version of the Master yet, Damon?

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