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Apr 01, 2006

TARDISODE 1: New Earth

Tardisode1I just saw the first TARDISODE which was released at midnight, completely out of the blue.

I initially tried to watch it online but given my woeful dial-up connection that quickly became a complete no-no. So I tried to download it to my Motorola mobile instead, which is only four months old and can play video clips (I've downloaded some crappy quality Who before). However, it isn't good enough to handle the Vortext service. Serves me right for telling the Orange salesperson that I just wanted a phone that could be used to phone people, and no, I didn't want a crappy camera, mp3 player, bluetooth tea-maker or online money-eating machine into the bargain.

Thankfully, my wife's swish Sony Ericsson brick fared a little better and after agreeing to paying a whacking £1.50 (paid to Orange, not the BBC; if this ratio was used on DVD releases then each release would cost approx £135) I got to see some brand new Doctor Who. Sort of.

I don't know if you can call this a proper spoiler or not, but look away if you don't want to know....

It's essentially a trailer within a trailer. It is certainly part of New Earth's narrative, taking the form of an advert for a hospital that is staffed by cats dressed as nuns, which is obviously being transmitted into the fictional universe we are about to enter; it's a bit like a meta-textual campaign for BUPA, but with even more qausi-religious overtones and added QVC-style Cheshire cat grinning. If this kind of thing was going on in 1985 we might have got 50 seconds of Alexi Sayle trying to sell some time-shares in Tranquil Repose.

Anyway, one of the cats claims that they can cure anything - even sick and frightened extras. However, it must be an advert made by one of Alan Sugar's Apprentices (who will probably cameo in a "clever" way) because it's so inept: wrapping up the advert with the sound of somebody screaming their head off isn't going to attract any customers, is it? They're fired!

So, in a nutshell, it's initially situated in the narrative but then it breaks out into a standard "ohhh look -  a scary bit, what's happening?" cliffhanger trailer kind of thing.

And I enjoyed it. It's not exactly a "when Kennedy was shot" moment but it was exciting nevertheless.

But is it canon? Eh? Eh?


If you can't stream it I have a copy here: http://tinyurl.com/ek7y6 (but give it a few hours - it seems to be taking an age to upload).

The acting's a bit over-earnest here, as in many new series episodes. If you visit whoisdoctorwho.co,uk (or whatever the address is) and look again at the News 24 footage from Aliens of London, you'll see what I mean - the guy playing the reporter doesn't have any of the inflections typical of such people and tries to 'act'. It's embarrassing.

(Goes off to polish his Oscar, being the great actor that he is...)

It's up at last for those who can't get the stream to work (until I get told to take it down): http://tinyurl.com/ek7y6

The first Tardisode in Quicktime format...

I like the concept of cats stroking humans.

It looks as if we're in for another silly episode, like TCI. How come each time my hope starts to build up for a RTD ep it's shattered cruelly, whereas Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, whose episodes I was worried about, having seen some episodes of Coupling and League of Gentlemen (I HATED those btw), shocked me in the best way? Well, even if New Earth is a silly episode, Tooth and Claw should be serious, with Werewolves. Then again, Queen Victoria running across Scottish fields...

Likewise I'm on dial-up and likewise I've got a phone only a few months old which isn't compatible. And likewise I've saved myself £1.50 for the privilege.

Are these things really gonna take off if they're so difficult to get hold of?

It doesn't really promote the story and as a teaser it doesn't really work. Good idea just a shame it lasts less than a minute. Wonder if the segment will appear in the DVD version ?

Like James says, this is a good idea. Yes it is a teaser masquerading as an advert. I personally had no problem downloading it onto the computer (yes, I have broadband).

I don't think it would necessarily add anything to the show, but it certainly was fun and the Sisters of Plenitude look absolutely stunning. Can't wait.

Yes, it was a nice little intro. The comparison to Tranquil Repose's DJ is a good one, it's just like that. I wonder if the others will take the same 'advert' form or will some be more like straight pre-credit sequences?

I quite liked it. It gives you an insight into what the episode is going to be about. Cats dressed as Nuns running a hospital apparently.

According to DWM the TARDISodes are all going to be very different.

I can download them to my phone but don't know if I will get them all. I mean £1.50 to download something you can watch for free on the internet!

I bet there are plenty of copies of it floating about now on the p2p sites.

haven't seen Tardisode #1 on any P2P sites yet .....
thanks Jonathan for making it available to australian fans .....
however it's appears to be a windows format disguised as a MOV file ....
still great fun to watch ....
I wonder when we'll see series 2 in Oz?

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