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Apr 11, 2006

Radio Times

Radiotimes_s2_coverThere is a really nice fold-out cover (would make a good poster) and 16 page season 2 special in next week's Radio Times (out today).

There is an episode run down by RTD telling you little bits about each episode (but not giving much away) and interviews with Tennant and Billie.

Nice one RT!


I can't look at that picture of Rose/Billie for very long. It gives me funny feelings that I haven't felt since seeing Ace or Romana II for the first time. *blush*

Yes, but holy crap have you seen the answer to the first question in Billie Piper's interview? And the episode description about the last ep of the season. I have a really, really bad feeling about this ... they wouldn't would they?

Uhm no I haven't. We don't get Radio Times over here, is there a link to the interview, or could it possibly be pasted here?

My scanner's on the blink, but you could keep an eye on the Cuttings Archive.

Wow I haven't heard anyone say their scanner was broken since mid-90's AOL. Kidding aside, thanks for the link, I don't see it there, but I'll check around.

Cliffhanger ending, then. I heard she was back for season 3 (so that's that spoilt, sorry). Why are you getting a bad feeling about it?

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