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Apr 01, 2006

Pussy Galore

Pussies? In nuns uniforms? On the BBC and in free and downloadable form? Auntie I love you. OK, I will stop with the wicked thoughts and settle for our first glimpse at New Earth. All very sinister in a Stepford Wives kind of way - cure anthing indeed.

It seems appropriate that while we're being asked to review Survival, we can now see how cat make-up should be done, although there is still an Andrew Lloyd Webber feeling to these felines - and if you look closely the nuns are on rollerblades too.

The establishing shot looks very impressive and I can't wait to see this on a proper TV screen, minus the pixelating madness of RealPlayer. Cats though - you can't trust the fickle buggers. Let's hope we see some hardcore furball action and I wonder if these cats will be 'curing' the Doctor and Rose of life? Yeah, it's got my imagination fired up already.


This would be the Tardisode? I've petitioned them to make it available in 3GP format for download, as my phone is a bit of an anachronism. Removable 512MB transflash card, but it's on an American prepaid system(which isn't quite up-to-par with prepaid in the CIVILIZED world..), so I can't accept WAP pushes. I'll be watching that later myself on a work computer though..

I rather think the cat people are quite well done, and a somewhat timely subject considering the current Stripped Down sessions...

Beware, spoilers below:

SFX magazine has a review of "New Earth", some of what they say might disappoint some on here. I think it is a case of watching it and see how it goes. Everyone has different ideas of what works or not. Needless to say, I suspect RTD had fun with the whole "body swap" routine. I have to admit I am slightly cringing at this bit...

The review sounds quite balanced. The negative points raised are what you would at any rate expect from RTD, and the positive points sound like they might save it. Hasn't spoilt my appetite. Of course based on last years experience I fully expect that the really cool stories start at episode three when RTD hands over the writing reins.

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