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Apr 30, 2006

Prophecy 3: The wait is over.

I didn't like it.

As you'll see, I've taken to summarising my feelings towards each episode in the first line. Now, to explain. It should have been so much better. The pace seemed wrong. For the first time James Hawes has produced some shoddy direction. He was just going wild with those slanted camera angles. Where was the introduction to K9? Ok, so he was there. That was it. When he first started to speak, it should have been a great moment, but NOOOO it cut straight to an outside POV (Point of View) shot.

And what's with all the POV shots anyway? I'm getting sick of all of these. It was completely unneccessary. We had the spider POV shot in New Earth, the Werewolf POV shot last week, and now a Krillitane POV shot. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!

Sorry about that, anyway... The main point is that I didn't like what they were saying about Sarah Jane, saying that she had just been waiting around for 30 years. This for three reasons:
1) She is a strong person. I don't believe that she would have just waited around for the Doctor.
2) When we saw her in K9 and Co, and in The Five Doctors, she was fine.
3) I hate the idea that she was waiting around, unable to get on with her life without the Doctor. Sarah Jane was one of my favourite characters, and the thought that her life became nothing without the Doctor makes me cringe. I wanted her to get on with her life, to get married, have the Grandkids that the Doctor spoke of. I wanted her life to be something.

Also, the Doctor hardly ever called her "Sarah Jane", it was almost always just "Sarah". And why is K9 in the boot of Sarah Jane's car? Just on the off-chance? And what was with MG's score? It was all over the place! Comic? Solemn? Serious? Romantic? Terrifying? Sad? What was it meant to be?

I think it's a great shame that a script with so many wonderful scenes should be poorly put together. I loved the bit between the Doctor and Rose about how "humans decay", and I was just hoping that Rose would say "Screw you, I'm going off with Mickey!", and finally she'd be off the show forever!!! I did like the idea that the Doctor had left a large hole in Sarah's life, but it still shouldn't have stopped her getting married to someone else. Then the Goodbye scene, which was wonderful. Plus all the nods to classic, like saying that he dropped her off in Aberdeen (carrying on from her original goodbye), as well as the Loch Ness Monster. But surely, when Rose said she'd met the Dalek Emperor, Sarah could have countered with "Met the creator". But still, some very good bits. However, I didn't like the "catfight" between Rose and Sarah Jane. I thought it was silly. I didn't like that Mickey was joking about Rose being the Doctor's Missus, considering how Mickey feels for Rose.

Running out of things to say now, but the bottom line is I didn't like it. David Tennant was superb as always, Elisabeth Sladen was fantastic as ever, Billie Piper was irritating as hell, and Noel Clarke was loveable as the Andrex Puppy. Oh, and K9 was metal. As, ermm... a tin can. But I love him anyway.

So, was my Prophecy correct? I said "A bit idiotic mostly, somewhat disappointing until the last 10-15 minutes where it's pretty good television."
Now I say "Disappointing, except for the odd 5 minutes of hard drama. Unfortunately idiotic at times." What a shame. Toby Whithouse, here is your school report:

"Must do better. Tries too hard. Some good imagination, but fails to apply it properly. D+."

6/10. Sorry Sarah, looks like you've had it.


you sir, are an idiot.
Travelling with the Doctor has a profound affect on their lives, why shouldnt she wait to see if he comes back, afterall, Doc was called home, why wouldnt he come get her afterward.
The Doctor always called her Sarah Jane, Pertwee did it almost constantly and Baker did from time to time especially as a way of apologising.
It seems that RTD and Co are ignoring the specials in terms of show continuity. I thought the catfight was very well done and showed perfectly the jealous side of Rose.
Might i suggest watching the episode again, i think you were watching ITV or something.

Insults are not neccessary.
The reason she wouldn't wait is that she's a stronger person than that. She would have gotten on with her life. I could have bought it if she'd gotten married, but divorced because she didn't love him or something like that, but just the thought that she's been waiting for 30 years seems ridiculous. It also is too heartbreaking, for a character as well loved as her to have been sat around waiting for 30 years.
The Doctor called her Sarah most of the time, especially in the last few years, where he hardly ever used her extended name.
Yes, the catfight showed a jealous side of Rose, but also a jealous side of Sarah, which isn't in her nature.
I probably will watch it again, it's on Pick of the Week, but I doubt if I'll enjoy it.

"It also is too heartbreaking, for a character as well loved as her to have been sat around waiting for 30 years."

Thats what makes the episode emotionally powerfull, that a strong, independant woman can still sit at home waiting for closure or continuance on unrequited love. Of all the companions the Doctor has travelled with Sarah "jane" is the only one this plotline would make sense for, She was the only one who never got full closure on her life with the Doctor, could you imagine if it was Janet Fielding (Tegan) in this episode.

She was getting on with her life. She wasn't just sitting at home and pining. She was investigating something "odd" - perhaps hoping the Doctor would show up?

The 5 Docs doesn't count (mind-wipe) and in K9 and Co it's obvious she still misses him.

You are nitpicking.

Personally, I felt sorry for Paul Morley.

I think I'll leave that hanging...

Er... I love Paul Morley. Am I missing something? Did he give it a bad review or something?

Definitely amongst the best episodes i've ever seen. Brilliant, this was. Some great lines in it: the sudden depressing realisation that "i'm the tin dog"...

Coleberg, you're not an idiot by any means, you ARE however a bit of a curmudgeon. James Hawes' direction here was fine - what about the scream from the head's office fading into the lunch bell for instance, or the monster silhouetted against the moon shot (it's not Hawes's fault that there was an identical shot last week either - SR was filmed before T&C).What about 'Song for Ten' being played subtly under the Doctor's goodbye to Sarah? What about the Doctor coming within a syllable of admitting to loving someone for the first time in 43 years? The Tennant era so far is batting .75, with only New Earth falling short. And the best is still to come.

Neil: Well I happened to be looking at the Canonkeeper's Guide last night some reason whilst I was writing the review because I might have been checking how School Reunion fitted into Sarah-Jane continuity and it drops the bombshell that

"Sarah Jane Smith marries Paul Morley at some time in the late 1990's, likely 1999, and renames herself Sarah Jane Morley (q.v. Christmas on a Rational Planet). The marriage is a brief one; Sarah Jane reverts to using her maiden name. We speculate that the marriage may have been placed on the rocks by the unfortunate turn of events that lead to Sarah Jane being fired by her magazine (Comeback)."

Well I never...

(Togmeister: Have you heard Big Finish's Neverland? He actually says it there...)

Now that's more like it. That's the sort of thing I expected in the episode. It's much more believable that she got married, but that it failed.

I have to disagree about the quality of the programme, (loved it) but there really isn't any need to call people idiots. It's well explained why Coleberg didn't enjoy it.

Oh, and her being married, and it failing, makes perfect sense.

I don't think it would help the episode to have any real blow by blow explanation of what she'd been up to - the episode said it all: her life stopped, then slowly started again, untill she's back investigating monsters again... then suddenly she runs into the tardis. A brilliant moment: show don't tell.

I haven't seen the ep yet (I'm in the U.S.), but I've heard the sentiment in a few places that SJS never getting married equates to SJS pining away. And that SJS being a strong woman equates to her getting married. I disagree with both notions.

It's because she IS a strong woman that she can be on her own and not "settle" for someone who wouldn't give her the excitement the doctor did. IMO, a "weak" woman would think "oh well, I have to be married because a woman is not complete without a man, even though this man is not the one I want."

Now, I'm of an ambivalent mind about whether SJS was in romantic love with the doc, but she certainly admired him and loved the adventures they had together. I think it was her strength that made her stay single so as not to ditch a husband and possibly kids if the doc did come back, because she knew herself and knew she'd want those adventures again. And it would be really crappy to abandon her family if she had one.

Hence, she got on with her career (which was very important to her in the show), but didn't have a traditional family in case she had the opportunity to travel in time and space again.


It's really about the human reaction to intense situations. Most of us who have been in a place or had something happen to us that's so outside of our normal experience that it can utterly change the pattern of the rest of our lives. It doesn't make us weak if we never get over it. Just human.

Bluntly speaking I thought it was effing marvelous

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