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Apr 15, 2006

Not too sure

This is just a quick post as I will review the episode fully once I have seen is at least one more time.

I thought the episode was ok. It wasn't as good an opening episode as Rose and it took quite a while to get going.

The best thing about this episode is Billie Piper. She was amazing in this episode.

I am still not stuck on Tennant as the Doctor. For me he tends to shout a lot when he is trying to be serious. You do not need to shout to make yourself commanding like he did, a little to often, for my liking in this episode.

I will watch it again before I review it properly but, at the moment, it was just ok and the jury is still out on Tennant.


Well, i liked it apart from the silly Cassandra-swapping scenes. The design and effects (both CG and practical) were excellent, i loved the Gollum line and the Doctor's 'if you're looking for a higher authority, there isn't one' speech. If there is just a slight shade of disappointment here (and i'm sensing it judging from early reactions), it's only because we've been, frankly, spoiled rotten from pretty much 'Dalek' onwards. New Earth still knocks anything Keith Boak brought us last year into the proverbial hat (i maintain that 'Long Game' was underrated). And i'm sure we can all agree that the best is yet to come.......

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