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Apr 29, 2006

I'm five again...

Now that was good. Well plotted (take note, Russell!), it had pace, character development and (gulp) emotion - yes, I cried at the end. "Just say goodbye" - what a line. I felt my age but you know, I also shared Sarah's anger. It summed up how I felt at the end of 'Hand of Fear' back in the early 70s, and at the end of 'Logopolis', and is exactly how I feel whenever I see those stories again.

The 45 minute constraint had a slight but minimal effect and the only minor plot complaint I'd have is the 'theory of everything' aspect that the Doctor knew about, and which makes you wonder why this is the first time we've heard of it. I mean, if it's just a matter of getting a few school kids plugged in, then it's odd it's not been tried before. Oh and it's odd too that a school with such results isn't under a great deal more scrutiny, but what the hell.

The best thing about this was the 'consequences' thing. RTD made a big thing about the consequences of travelling with the Doctor but all the guff last season paled into insignificance next to the emotional wrench that Sarah clearly had when she was abandoned by the Doctor.
(The scene where she sees the TARDIS under the school brought a lump to my throat. It's like seeing someone you were really close to on a busy street and trying to avoid them because you can't bear the idea of 'going there' again, the emotional energy required and the reminder of all those years - surely I'm not alone in that, am I?)

So instead of commenting on the story itself, I'm going to focus on three technical aspects.

  1. The music. Why oh why won't anyone hear what we're saying?! Occasionaly MG can produce the goods (last week for example) but here it was all over the place, intrusive and obvious.

  2. The sound mix in general. I found a lot of the dialogue indecipherable and the sibilants were hissing like nobody's business on my TV. The extract shown on Totally on Thursday was much more audible than it was here, so what's going on?

  3. The blurry finish to the video really grates. It looks cheap. Rose's dinner lady outfit (quite, er, sexy) looked like an ad for Persil, with it's whiter than white glow.
    I don't know if you've seen the first season on UK Gold but the video looks even worse on there. Why can't they just make it look like film without having the Vaseline look to it?

David T was better in this too. Still a bit exuberant in some scenes but quite moody in others. I hope this side comes out more soon.

I think that was my favourite episode since 'Revelation of the Daleks' and it shows a couple of things: RTD might write sparkling dialogue but he can't plot to save his life. And if the author of this episode is not a 'real' fan, as he claims, then maybe we need more non-fan writers on the series.

Welcome back Doctor Who! That's the first episode I'm going to watch again for the sheer hell of it.


Worst. Episode. Ever.

Banging on about Torchwood AGAIN! - for 3 whole seconds - has RTD no shame? Instantly ruined the whole episode for me.

The CGI - the aliens looked fake. They should have made real paper plane bats and flown them down the corridor. Or maybe a puppet on a wire or something. The robot dog should have been CGI though - it looked well shit.

And as for the pacing! Things happened! There was a plot! People runing around! Blasphemy!

And how can we emotionally invest in a character like Sarah Jane when we've only met her for five minutes? Shessh. And talk about the coincidence of her turning up in the same place in the first place!


PS - This is a joke ;-)

Gripes???? Gripes?????

Will you EVER be happy with an episode of Doctor Who?
I suggest you take yourself off this fansite. Or else look up the word 'fan'. Shocking behaviour after THE most punch the air in delight episode since Dalek.

But then you proabably picked holes in that too.

Yeesh I hope ewan saw that last line in Graham's post...

Punch the air = Sarah Jane's voice after she realizes who the Doctor is. She sounds 20 again for a moment.

Maybe Ewan was having a go at me for the three technical gripes.
Well I haven't yet found a definition of 'fan' that says 'someone who uncritically accepts something or someone and fails to point out areas of possible improvement'
That's not a fan, that's an obsessive. Or, indeed, a fanatic, which, er, is where 'fan' comes from. Oh dear. Wrong again.

Anyway, I stopped calling myself a fan last week after it became clear the definition above was starting to be adopted by some people. I'm now an "interested and informed critical viewer" ;-)

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