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Apr 30, 2006

How a Girl watches Who.

Omg omg! Unicorns! Kittens! It's BuffyMeetsDoctorWho: The Liveblog!

00:00 Giles! It's Giles. My Giles. Deliciously EVIL Giles! Deliciously HUNGRY Evil Giles. I've missed you, Giles. :) Kiss kiss! Smooch smooch.

01:05 "Good Morning, Class" It's Herr Professor Doktor!!! HELLO DOCTOR!

01:10 Credits. Always love the credits. Great credits.

02:03 Back to Docten, looking adorable. And "Correctomundo" adorable overload. Yumdocten.

03:00 Plot happens. Rose meets her true calling: Lunch Lady.

04:00 Is it me? Or is that she-who-has-been-eaten-by-Giles? Getting extra, um, "tutoring"? So was she eaten or not?

04:49 Doctor/Giles eye contact. Ho yay.

05:15 Mickey/Rose. Is it over YET? Oh good. Toxic poisoning. V. nice. I *love* the "she does that" line. I'm so loving this episode.

06:10 Children learn from character entity references. The bad dudes must be breeding the sysops of the future. (A little embarrassing, but far less awful than the Mickey/Rose scene.)  Great atmosphere. This cannot POSSIBLY be RTD. I skip back to the credits. Sure 'nuf. It's written by "Toby Whithouse". Go Toby!

06:50 Nice shot showing just how many children are under special tutelage. Fantastic.

07:00 It's SARAH JANE!!!! And she's a journalist, not a teacher. Yes!

10:00 Gag with the computer screen lizard and the computer teacher. Brilliant *and* menacing.

10:20 Hellmouth High.

11:17 Wooden or plastic? Wooden or plastic?

11:45 Sarah Jane can still do scared companion. She and Harry were...ahem...my first. Companions, that is. I still miss them. And I had the biggest crush on Harry.

12:12 Best. Tardis. Reveal. Ever. I would have sworn she was going into the headmaster's office, not the basement.

13:40 Girlfriend bitchfight #1. Yes!

14:02 Okay. Let's drop Rose and make Mickey the companion. Foreshadowing? I loved the interaction. Girflriend bitchfight #2.

15:08 Oh. MASSIVELY cool! Bat-teachers! Just hangin' around.

15:44 K9. It cannot, I repeat, cannot get better than this.

16:25 Monster across the moon. It just did.

17:00 "Go easy on the chips". This *has* got to be a plot line. It's too perfect otherwise.

18:00 Finally. A companion gives what for. Go Sarah Jane!

18:58 Giles sits down on the ledge and steals the scene. Giles, my Giles.

20:40 Mickey: "Oh my god. I'm the tin dog." Update: Wooden or plastic or tin?

21:30 Whoa. Docinsight into semi-immortality. Whoa.

22:40 "leave the window open a crack", "not for him". *snerk*

24:30 "I used to have so much mercy." Time to pause the TV and cool down for a few minutes. Giles' headtilt? Swoon.

25:00 Mickey & K9. Whoa. Toby W. can even write well for Mickey.

26:00 "The. Loch Ness. Monster!" ROFL! "Stop it!!!" ROFL-er!!!

Another pause. Is it me, or is Giles setting up the best hostage situation ever? But what would an aggressive race with Timelord genes do? Oh! The possible drama. Reaching out now to press "Play".

28:00 Dramatic music. Dramatic Character Entity tables and random Unicode text. Rockin'.

31:00 Not just the children's brains. "They're using their souls." Does that mean that Spike or Angel will....Oh never mind. And just like that (imagine snapped fingers), the real seduction begins. Nifty.

33:00 Keening. Morphing. Keen morph! And the black teacher becomes the only bat-of-color, the others being more traditional psychotic English bat-creatures. Right.

34:10 K9. Zap zap zap.

35:22: Giles shows mastery of plasterboard. Truly, he is a worthy adversary.

37:10: I love K9. I have always loved K9. Good dog.

40:00: No! Come along Sarah Jane. Please? No? Um, Mickey? Urgh, okay... Let's see how it goes. "Some things are worth getting your heart broken for." Oh man. Where Are The Kleenex? *sniffle*

41:30 "Tough act to follow". Nooooooo! "My Sarah Jane". *weep, weep*. Need more kleenex. Sniffle-er.

What a perfect episode. And K9. Regenerated. I. Loved. This. Show. If only the Giles/Doctor standoff had a bit more meat and a lot less running, shouting and shooting. It should have been a seduction, not a gunfight.


Kinda sums it up for me!

What, do you fancy Giles too, Sean?

Could you blame him if he did? I don't like guys, and even I kinda fancy Giles.

he certainly knows how to make coffee


(Adopts Homer Simpson leer) 'Hmm, Gilesssss!'

Most of the best lines in this cracking episode are in this review: my favourite being "Oh my god. I'm the tin dog.", but i'd have also included 'ignore the shooty dog thing'

I saw the new childrens telly K9 design on the BBC website, was wondering if that would be introduced here.

"Ignore the shooty dog thing" sounds like something Willow would have said to Giles...or vice versa.

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