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Apr 15, 2006

Actually now ive dragged you here "Beam me up Scotty"

Hmmmmm -

Learning my lessons on new who I am doing a two phase doohicky on New Earth!

Here is phase one, the initial 1st viewing reaction.

  • Cats look nice
  • Why make a big deal over New New York then not visit it!
  • Tennant is wild but.....
  • You really could do with an anchor
  • So cassandra taking Roses body took this away.
  • The traditional "Doctor acting like a prat" scene made it in. I'm beating a samba (RTD STOP)
  • Some dodgy CGI with the infections.
  • Too many baddies (are we scared of the zombies, Cassandra or the Cats??)
  • Too poor in the science, I dont like Miracle cures R us, unless its as well done as in TDD.
  • I dont want to seem down but who is gonna look after the brainless cretins now, Soylent green anyone?
  • Like another great mind I had a feeling of overall dissapointment, oddly the kids loved it as did my "Who hating" brother.

I will reassess after I've rewatched.......


My Who-neutral wife and mum both loved the episode. This seems to have played waaaay better with the general public than with fans.

Maybe it's just her but my Who-hating sister hated it because it 'was just too silly.' Then again, my official member-of-the-public friend thought it was great and can't understand why I don't like it.

Both my wife and daughter thought it was crap - and they loved Aliens of London - so make of that what you will!

Oh deary me, AoL is far worse then New Earth

actually forget the reassessment, i still cant be bothered to watch it again. Last time i felt like this was boomtown.

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