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Mar 17, 2006

"We didn't, we were trying to get in!"

Note: I reviewed episode 3, because everyone else was doing it. And Troughton and Pertwee met up, I guess.

If I could sum up this little tale in one sentance it would be "This must be a blast if you'd had a few." Thankfully it's quite enjoyable even if you're sober, so that's a plus.

I must admit it was quite interesting to see two doctors arguing with themselves, even though I'd already seen it in the Five Doctors, and while it is a shame that William Hartnell wasn't able to appear in person, the story manages to get by even so. Truth be told, there's not a whole lot that bogs the story down for once.

Okay, so the monsters are a little dodgy. Okay, so it's another bloody gravel pit. Okay, so the guy with the moustache and glasses is an annoying little prick. All minor issues, and easily forgivable when compared to the grand scheme of things. It's Omega, for cryin' out loud! He made the Time Lords! Give him some respect! Except when he takes his helmet off, that we could have done without. The whole flipping each other over scene is kind of an embarassment.

But overall, this is quite an enjoyable tale and I feel like watching the whole tale. At some point. In the future.


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