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Mar 11, 2006

"The Yeti strikes him down with a single, savage blow..."

Note: Owing to me not being able to download the original episode (despite trying to for the past week, grr), I've listened, and subsequently reviewed, the audio version of the episode. This explains my somewhat harsh review of it.

Well, that wasn't exactly great. I'm sure if the rest of the serial existed I'd be more impressed, but as it was I thought it was boring and hard to follow. This from what is claimed to be the best Troughton story.

The introduction, in which the group escape from Salamander's (is that spelt right?) 'demise', doesn't inspire confidence. The next section, in which it's explained how Travers brought back a Yeti robot sans control unit, makes little sense as well. And then to top it all of, the TARDIS gets stuck in space. It's rather hard to follow on audio, but I tried - and failed.

I had hoped the episode might pick up a bit near the end. Alas, however, it didn't really, and the cliffhanger, in which the tunnels gets blown up with the Doctor still in them, isn't all I hoped for. I'm sure if I could watch the rest of the serial it would all make sense and I could see what people were talking about when they call Web of Fear great, but as it is I can't see what all the fuss is about.


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