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Mar 15, 2006

The Three Muskat... er, I mean, Doctors

Second episodes’s of four part stories (or of any length story except two parter’s) do nothing else but advance the plot along a little bit further. Hence, there is not always a lot that happens in a second episode.

The Three Doctor’s is no different. What you do have here when viewed on its own really makes very little sense. You have lots of long TARDIS scenes, mainly between Troughton and Benton, and you have lots of scenes in a quarry with Pertwee and Manning. Of course there are some nice camera angles used by the director, Lennie Mayne, in these scenes to make them look interesting, and Katie Manning is also nice to look.

There are some bad bits in the episode such as the CSO of the anti-matter (or big blobby thing as it could also be called); the gell guards (which always raise a laugh when they appear wobbling away to themselves) and the cliffhanger ending where you see UNIT headquarters disappearing into a black hole.

It is also strange that the episode is actually better when it is just Troughton in the scenes than it when Pertwee is present. The Brigadier is on fine blustering form in this episode his expression when entering the TARDIS for the first time is priceless, especially when Benton is just taking it in his stride (though having said that Benton had his moment in the first episode) with the old if it moves shoot it maxim that he always seemed to favour.

Jo has very little to do in the episode except to look pretty and to ask the questions for the audiences benefit.

Troughton is very good in this episode and there are times when you wish that he were still the current Doctor rather than Pertwee. Sadly William Hartnell does get a lot to do. Indeed in this episode he has only scene and when he does appear he really doesn’t look well.

Plotwise this story is pretty ridiculous but when you consider it has to contrive a situation where all three of the Doctor appears together then it is hardly surprising that it doesn’t actually hold together that well is it?

It did make me laugh when they discover that not only were they transported over, but also that Bessie has been transported too. Now that was very convenient wasn’t it?

As a whole this episode isn’t really up to much but in its entirety The Three Doctor’s is a bit of entertaining fluff. Not one of Mr Pertwee’s best hours but certainly enjoyable enough.


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