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Mar 14, 2006

Apropos of Nothing

Just a few updates I thought I'd share with you:

1) Our latest podcast (Pudsey Cutaway) is now online at the usual place. It's ideal for anyone who wants to sample our podcasting style as it's only 7 mins long and a tiny 3mb download. We just recorded three more stories (The Claws of Axos, The TV Movie and The Long Game) which will feature some new voices (Sean and JP Green for starters). We hope you'll give them a go.

2) OK, I admit it - I screwed up the Stripped Down schedule. For some reason I thought part 2 of The Three Doctors was the episode where all three of them meet. I was wrong. I picked the worst episode of the lot! I will hang my head in eternal shame.

3) I just saw the season finale to Battlestar Galactica season 2. I won't give anything away except to say it's the most audacious thing I've ever seen attempted in a serialised drama. I'm seriously thinking about launching a BSG blog in October when season 3 starts. If you haven't seen this series yet you are really missing a trick...

4) I delivered a research talk entitled 'Doctor Who and the Convergence of Media' yesterday which seemed to go OK. It even got some bloody press coverage. Oh look! Another incredibly embarrassing photo of me! Oh joy!

5) I spent a wonderful (and surreal) weekend at Star One (the Blake's 7 convention in Stockton). Far too many highlights to mention but to summarise:

  • Gareth Thomas pissed as a fart
  • Colin Baker burying dead horses
  • Paul Darrow's new 'straight-to-bin' video release premiere
  • Peter Tuddenham's drum solo (Confirmed!)
  • Sean overdubbing Christopher Eccleston on 'The Long Game'
  • John Williams winning a slab of perspex in the auction
  • Richard E Can't

UdarrowOh, and Tachyon TV won the caption competition which meant I got to meet Darrow. We even won Mary Tamm's autograph. And you can't ask for more than that, can you?

Alas, Lightsaber Man didn't turn up but James 'Star Maidens' Green did a good job as a stand-in, as did "Travis" who spent the entire weekend decked out in Jedi robes, a chef's hat and an eye-patch. Just don't ask.

6) Noel Edmonds should be knighted for his sterling work on Deal or No Deal. Just thought I'd throw that in...


And on OG, too.

"Devoted Dr Who fan Neil Perryman believes the show has always pushed the TV envelope and he will outline his thoughts on how Dr Who did -- and still does -- dictate the future of the medium, at a lecture on Monday night...."

Noel Edmunds should be knighted. Oh, and "sterling" work? Is that a pun, considering the nature of the program?

Anyone who would like a full and detailed explanation to this joke, please respond saying so.

Ah so that was you doing the lecture? I hadn't twigged the name... Photo's all right - is the TARDIS small or are you huge?

What was the attendance like? I thought about doing something similar down here in Brighton while the exhibition was on... Too late now ;-)

And in a similar vein...

Neil, Damon, John and JP for simply being the best possible company for three days. Were I not so far away in the distant land-that-time-forgot called North Wales, then such meet-ups would be more frequent than the twice a year we currently manage.

The two Blake's 7 groupies whose unlikely glamour and style certainly livened up sitting around in the hotel foyer. Never has getting to stroke a woman's hair taken on such a holy grail-like achievement...

Travis and the Ardal O'Hanlon lookalike in the headphones: both perfectly illustrating the long, dark tea-time of the soul.

Darrow. What more can you say but charming, funny and endlessly self-deprecating. The sort of rare convention guest that you can say hello to and - rather than blanking you - squeezes your arm and calls you 'mate'. Somebody give this man a prime-time quiz show or reality spot; the results would be liquid gold.

Jacqueline Pearce: nutty as squirrel shit but astonishingly brave (not to say, honest) in the face of life's foibles.

Gareth Thomas thanking each and every one of us for being here as - in his own words - without us 'he'd be nothing'. He may have been pissed at the time, but it's the closest you'll ever get to a convention guest putting his arms around you and saying 'You're my best mate, you are'.

Michael Keating for looking like everyone's Dad (principally 'The Simpsons' Millhouse)

Trying to offer £5 for a Dr Who umbrella which already had a retainer of £150! Well, it was worth a try...

The Blake's 7 out-take reel - like watching Dennis Norden directed by Ingmar Bergman.

Going round Woolies and - to a man - each of us buying some tragic piece of Who/Thunderbirds merchandise which we'd struggle to explain away to our better halves.

Oh, and podcasting for the first time. If you haven't tried them already then they're really worth a go (John's seemingly endless knowledge of television minutiae is worth the effort alone). And they're very, very funny (even the ones I'm in!)

Roll on Dimensions in November.

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