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Feb 12, 2006


Some Sunday morning wierdness.

Noel 'Mickey' Clarke mentioned in this Observer article about emerging home grown talent.  In the four paragraphs dedicated to the actor, for some reason his most visible appearance on British television isn't mentioned even though is says "He has done The Bill, Casualty and Holby City.."

Covers have been released for US dvd release of Genesis and Revelation of the Daleks which remind me far too much of the random covers for the Target novelisations during the Peter Davison era.  Shame they didn't go the Japanese route.  Are those meant to be Daleks?


Revelation makes me think of "The Curse of Fatal Death."

Which needs to be in the next Stripped Down, plz.

(apologies in advance if this double-posts, as the work-browser is shiite.)

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