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Feb 06, 2006

Funny Stuff

Annie: No more funny stuff?
Sam Tyler:  Funny stuff?
Annie:  Y'know the whole time travel, out of body experience thing.
Sam Tyler:  Well, I went to see Doctor Who, he err prescribed me some pills...

Life On Mars' first proper reference to Doctor Who happened this evening in a story surrounding a football match between Manchester United and Manchester City. 

In case anyone is wondering, after a quick look around, the match happened on the 21st April 1973 (since there were no other local derby's that year) and it was a 0-0 draw (61,500 gate).  Which also means the young Sam Tyler might have gone home that night and enjoyed episode three of Planet of the Daleks ...


He's going to knacker that television set if he keeps leaving it on all night.

Why does he have it on anyway? What's the point?

That girl is so creepy! The first time she was there it was terrifying! Whether or not you like the script, you've got to admit it's bloody good direction. Those camera angles, fabulous! The production was simply spot on last night. What a terrific show.

Do I sound like I work for the BBC?

I think he falls asleep with the TV on.

He leaves it on because it's a direct link to his "home"

Life on Mars is the best show on TV by a country mile - a genuine cult classic with broad appeal. I hope they don't balls it up by going for a second series.

And I love the theme music - I hope Torchwood has something as groovy as this. I just love the Six Million Dollar Man sound effect they use!

Roll on next Monday...

It's already been confirmed for a second series. It starts filming in April. Eeek!

A second series will probably ruin it, but I suppose considering how good it is, there's no way it could have avoided a second run.

Forget the theme, the whole soundtrack is great! And yes, a second series wouln't be great. But then.....nah. It'll be rubbish. Enjoy it while you can!

Oh good lord listen to you... on the basis of that I can't imagine how you're feeling about a second series of Doctor Who. Lightning can strike twice you know!

Besides, in that SFX magazine interview they mentioned that they've kept all kinds of wonderful things back for any future seasons they might have which go even further into the time travel/coma elements. Personally I can imagine an episode which flips the premise and Gene finds himself having to cope with modern policing methods ...

True true,however "Who" is an open ended concept whereas the coma plotline in "Life on Mars" has an intrinsic limit on its shelf life.I'm really enjoying it so far and would hate to see it go stale or go through the motions.Plus Liz White could put a head on my pint any time!

Actually, yep, I can see that point of view. But I really think that there's going to be some kind of major shock at the end of the series which will send the whole thing off on a new trajectory. I think it will be related to Hyde -- why has no one else come from there and why has Sam never tried to go there himself?

You never know,maybe Tyler will find himself in the 60's or 80's as the end of season cliffhanger!Or of course he could always wake up in the shower!;)

Let's just hope it does not end with a autistic child staring at a snowglobe with a police station in it.

During the autopsy, who expected the medical examiner to sprout a gas mask?

Just me then?

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