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Jan 10, 2006

Billie Piper is Sally Lockhart... I'm feeling a lot of rage right now

Just some background information: I don't like Billie Piper.

I love the Sally Lockhart series of books by Philip Pullman. They are beautifully crafted, well thought out jewels, and I have long wished for these to be adapted for TV. Well, now they are.

But with Billie Piper.

What sort of a stupid, cock eyed decision was this? Sally Lockhart is

a) refined,
b) uncommonly pretty,
c) able to pronounce "think" without sounding like "fink",
d) 16 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!

Billie Piper fits into none of these categories. For all you who think she's a great actress, every time I have seen her "acting" I have thought she was merely wooden. When she was the "Bad Wolf" it was fine, it worked. The rest of the time it's inexcusable. Billie Piper is common. Sally Lockhart is unique.

Sorry if this sounds a little harsh, I'm working through my rage. I may have killed something earlier, it's a bit of a blur after the medication.

PS. Here's the page


Common? You are Dame Edith Evans, and I claim my £5.

Mouth-foaming aside, presumably this means either Billie's handed in her DW notice, or she's going to have an insanely busy year.

To be fair, her real accent is far less mockney than the one she puts on for DW, surprisingly so.

Wow. I mean wow. I mean ...

Oh I'm going back to watching my '24' dvd ...

I don't know much about Billie aside from DW. I know she was a pop star, but to me she looks quite average. I don't know what she is 'supposed' to sound like... But I will say that she may be the best compainion in DW history. I don't know if that is a credit to RTD's writing, but as far as pop-singers-turned-actors go, BP is alright in my book.

No, I think she's one of the worst. Right from the start, the characters have been good: Susan, Ian and Barbara, to Sarah-Jane, Leela, Romana, to Ace. Admittedly, the odd Mel and Adric slipped through, but I don't put Rose anywhere near my top 20 companions. Captain Jack's above her, and he was only in 3 stories!

Her accent isn't that less mockney, it was still extremely irritating in The Friday Night Project. Can she do a trad english accent? You'd have thought that when she was the Bad Wolf would have been the perfect time, but nope! Apparently Time and Space is a cockney.

From what I heard in the Confidential programmes, Ms Piper sounds really rather posh when she's not acting Sarf London. And you, sir, sound like a snob.

A handbag! Send the Cockerney kids up the chimneys immediately and then to the workhouse with them.

OK 24's over.

This could get nasty, but I just wondered. How could anyone look at Billie Piper's performances in the last season of Doctor Who and on Much Ado About Nothing for that matter and say they were at all bad. I mean what yardstick are you using sir?

I would be interested to know what performances you have enjoyed in contemporary television and film. I think it's difficult offering an comparison with a companion in the old programme because different styles of acting and emotional resonances are being called upon. Are you actually picking on the actress or the character?

I'm sorry. Susan? Her character was complete rubbish! How many times did she fall down and twist her ankle? Apart from Zoe, all the women in the show from that era where completely helpless. Not to say that any of them were completely unlikable, but these characters were nothing more than accessories. At least in the 70's we got a nod from Liz, Jo was a step back, Sarah was so-so, Leela was alright, both Romana's kicked butt, but then Nyssa was as exciting as a lunchtime nap. Tegan was too much of a bitch... and what do you have left? Peri and Mel? Give me a break. No, better yet, give me a shotgun.

Ace. Good.

Give Ace the shotgun, but she wasn't a better actress than Billie.

I wasn't making a comparison until Stu said she was one of the best. I compare with acceptible ability, the talent I expect to see in an age where there are more actresses than ever, and we shouldn't accept average or sub-average.

Ace was bet than Billie, look at the Curse of Fenric. Look at Ghost Light. Look at Survival. She is INCREDIBLY talented. Billie just stands there pulling faces.

Admittedly, I didn't watch Much Ado, I started to, but thought it was utter bollocks. Never been a fan of Shakespeare, but I would've gladly watched the original over it. Maybe if I had watched it, I would have liked her more, but I couldn't stand it.

I don't like the actress or the character, I think she is not as well written as she could be as a character, and I think she is poorly portrayed by the actress.

Proof positive that it takes all sorts to make a world. But I'm glad I don't inhabit the dark dimension where Sophie Aldred (whose sub-stage school emoting and eye-popping would have been embarassing from the third small child dancer on the left in "Emu's World") is a better actress than Billie Piper.

And Shakespeare must be gutted.

Actually feelk made the comparison. I'm just trying to understand. So which other contemporary television actresses do you like?

You can't deny Sophie Aldred's stellar performance in Words and Pictures. It's the only reason I watched it.

There aren't really any others currently that I think are good enough for Sally Lockhart. But not all actresses are on TV. Directors shouldn't be watching TV to see who they like, they should do proper scouting, looking for actresses across the country who suit the part. I've recently been to see Les Miserables in the West End, and Eponine from that would be superb if her hair were dyed blonde. This is where they should be looking, were real talent is.

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