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Jan 08, 2006

Podcast #1

Iwho_1No script. No plan. One take. In a caravan.

Welcome to our very first Tachyon TV iWho Podcast.

Now, these aren't officially released until Monday but I thought I'd give my long-suffering bloggers the opportunity to sample our first 'cast' 24 hours early.


1) Download this mp3 file (it's 11mb and encoded at 56kbps and it runs for 27 minutes).

2) Stick it on your iPod (or mp3 player of your choice) and press play.

3) Follow the instructions that we'll give you in the introduction. Basically you will need to cue your copy of The Five Doctors (Special Edition) and when we tell you to hit play start up the William Hartnell speech. Ideally you should still be able to hear and see the original episode *and* the podcast at the same time.

It'll be fairly obvious pretty quickly if it's queued up correctly or not...

4) Enjoy (or at least try to!)

Disclaimer: this podcast is meant for mature listeners only. It contains swearing and adult themes (sorry). Don't download it if you are easily offended (or a lawyer).

We await your comments with a growing sense of fear...

Oh, and a special thanks to my long suffering wife, Sue, who played the part of Steve Roberts during our recording sessions. And to my dog, Buffy, who only barked the once.


Bravo lads! Definately one of the best fan made podcast commentary tracks for The Five Doctors Special Edition that I've ever heard. Looking forward to the next part!

And just how many HAVE you heard, Maff?

Sounds like you guys had a good laugh making this. More please!

It's as if they stuck Gervais on MST, good show fellas, now I know your mad...

Marvelous fellas, very very funny

I don't remember the game either.

Great stuff from all concerned. I remember a Dark Tower game, but did you mean:




I was a Spectrum person myself, but I guess for the true Doctor Who fan, it would have to be:


Oh! :( Makes me wish I had a copy of the 5 doctors.

Yes! This is the game we don't remember - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Tower_(game)

Can't say I remember that.

If you look at the bottom of the Wikipedia entry, there is even a link to an online version of the game.

Relive your wasted youth !

Brought back a lot of happy memories of last November. Not least the sight of Neil's caravan.

Hope to be with you all for the next one.

Part Two is now online: http://www.tachyon-tv.co.uk/podcasts.htm

Well done guys, very enjoyable. Totally stole our idea :-), but enjoyable nonetheless :_0.

Part Three of the Five Doctors in now online:


The final part of the Five Doctors podcast is now online


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