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Jan 06, 2006

Did you see ?!?

Billie Piper is presently half presenting The Friday Night Project tonight.  We've just reached the first commercial break and it's pretty surreal stuff.  As if doing the opening monologue (material about Gary Glitter in Vietnam and Michael Barrymore on Celebrity Big Brother) wasn't enough, there's also been Doctor Who on Ice with assorted men in costumes, including Sontarans which Billie later agreed looked like something you can't repeat on a family blog and that her hometown of Swindon as a bit of an 'armpit'.  I mean really I can't believe I'm watching this ... oh good lord now they're got Jade Goody singing her old hits ... and Billie's just said the F word ...


It's just ended with Billie guessing the years that things happened as people like Michael Fish walked out of a TARDIS. And I thought Basil Brush winning 'The Weakest Link' was surreal ...

Yes, but she called Peter Davison DAVIDSON!!! I actually shouted at the TV when she said that. Is that weird?

She also described the Sontaran as "a alarge piece of faecal matter", but not in so many words.

Although to be fair she was reading it from an autocue and the person writing that could have spelt it wrongly. Bet she'll be getting a ribbing about it though ...

I'm sure Peter Davison can forgive her, most of the men who played the Doctor are rather forgiving. Sylvester McCory and Paul McGant definitely, but none so much as Coltin Baker. Or perhaps Chris Egglestone, he's a splendid chap too.

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