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Jan 08, 2006

Christmas Goodies

If, like me, you were showered with Doctor Who merchandise at Christmas, I'd like to know how many of you will actually use what you were given?

For example, will you use the TARDIS money box so you can here Doc 9 say the same sentance over and over again?

Will you risk using the TARDIS or Dalek cups when having a brew?

And as for the replica (see, it's not toy its a replica!) Sonic Screwdriver, well, its up to you but it does light up in the dark!

The point I'm making here is will you leave them all boxed or will you actually use them?

Answers below please!


I've proudly used my talking Dalek bottle opener on several occasions. And I've used my Web Planet DVD as a coaster for the opened bottles numerous times as well.

Goodies? You guys are lucky.

My family and I played the M&S 'Electronic Interactive Board game' on Boxing Day - now there's a product that SHOULD have stayed boxed. We all teamed up to let someone win just to finish the damned game off with some dignity...

The RC Daleks were very much played with over xmas, though put somewhere safe when the two-year-old nephew visited. They're currently back in their boxes pending some shelving rearrangement.

The Electronic Interactive Boardgame has also been played once - well, most of a game played until we gave up in frustration. We've devised some rule changes that might make it more playable, but not tested them yet. It's certainly not a patch on the old Tom Baker era Games Workshop game, which I'm sure I've still got stored away somewhere.

The Dalekmania calendar is hung on the office wall (above last year's Cyberman cookie jar), and the sonic screwdriver kept by the computer for fiddling with. The books have been flicked through and put on the shelf for further dipping into.

In all, I'm (carefully) playing with the goodies, as it'd be very sad not to. Though I will be keeping the boxes.

I've played with my RC Dalek a great deal (as my poor cat will note!) and I've recycled the box, because I ruined the plastic getting the thing out and the box itself is pretty big to have lying around.

Being on the wrong side of the water, as I am, I got limited Who schwag, but my Brother-in-law was nice enough to get me three of the new BBC Novels, Fear Itself, Spiral Scratch, and World Game. Needless to say, they've already been put to excellent use. I did, however, find the first 5 issues of Marvel's comics featuring the fourth doctor, as well as Target's The Ark and Slipback(3.49 american each!) for myself a week later.

I should also add that my daughter bought me keyring TARDIS and Dalek - but she actually got me TWO of each, so "you can use one and leave the other unopened" - how cool (and well trained) is that?

I got squat. Can you believe it? There I am holding out for the oh-so wonderful TARDIS DVD boxset, and no. Nothing.

And what's most infuriating about this? I've been waiting for this boxset most eagerly since our dear Captain Jack, John Barrowman, mentioned during a talk that him and Chris Eccleston rolling about on the floor doing unmentionables might be on the outtakes. (Ok, probably not, and I shouldn't really hold my breath for such a hilarious scene. But still.)

I give up.

Eventually, as always, it shall be down to me to buy it for myself.

Maybe I'll get a mug too.

Frelling family.

Jeni, you're not alone. I got bupkis.

I'm the lucky one then as I got to play with one of the swords from TCI......ok not THE sword he used on set but the prototype made by Lancasters Armourie.

Ok it's not quite the same as having it wraped up but it is dam good.

After recieving the DVD boxset (which is now on the coffee table at all times) and some money i decided to go buy a sonic screwdriver, which is currently being used to do all my work at school with! However i couldn't help but be slightly annoyed when one of the science teachers remarked "What the hell is that?! It looks rude". I really don't get what he meant there...

I know it is not Christmas, but wasn't sure where to post this exciting piece of news.

Winning Moves, the makers of the "Top Trumps" card game have scheduled a "Doctor Who" pack for April 2006. This is information is available on their "New Releases" page at: http://www.toptrumps.com/club_newrel.asp, however you need to be registered with the site to view this information, which is free to join.

Apart from an "April 2006" release date there is very little else to go by.

Thought you all should know ;-)

According to Forbidden Planet the release date for the "Doctor Who" top trumps card game is Sunday 30th April - Sunday seems a strange day to release this kind of merchanise.

Winning Moves have moved the release date to May now...oh hum

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