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Dec 22, 2005

"You are the heathen"

Okay, first of all - CLICK ME. And now, with that out of the way...

I was a little scared when I sat down to watch Bad Wolf. The previous episode had been one of the series' low points (for me at least) and I hate both Reality TV and Quiz Shows, so the forcast didn't look so hot. Thankfully 45 minutes later I was rivited and couldn't wait for the conclusion. So what was good about it? Hell, what WASN'T? There was Christopher Eccleston at his best (IE: When being dead serious), Rose dying... and then getting better, Captain Jack being... well, JACK, and Russell T Davies makes up for the dissapointing Boom Town.

The scripting is superb - full marks all round. It was only on this rewatch that I noticed that "I'm coming to get you" was re-used at the end of the episode. I miss things like this a lot. Anyway. Lynda was indeed sweet but she wouldn't have made it as a companion. I knew Rose would be in series 2 so her 'death' wasn't all that shocking but the Doctor's reaction... beautiful. There's so much to like here. And then there's the Daleks... Some wonderful intros, any one of which would have been enough. But when the big reveal came about... edge of the seat stuff, I can tell you.

And then came Parting of the Ways, which is what I call both episodes. (The same way I call the Slitheen 2-parter 'Aliens in London' and the WW2 one 'The Empty Child') What can I say? Pure perfection in an episode. If the new series is even half this good, I'll be wondering why it isn't twice as good. For me, this episode has three stand out moments:

- That moment when we lip-read Daleks
- The really touching hologram message
- "Maybe it's time."

I can't really say much more then that. One of, if not the best episode of the 27th series. Looking forward to the 28th.


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