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Dec 20, 2005

This must be the place I waited years to leave

No preamble tonight. You know why you’re here; I know why I’m here: sixteen years, countless dashed hopes and false dawns, all coming down to forty-five minutes of television that makes all the love and the pain worthwhile.

So, without further ado…

Twenty-five things to love about ‘The Parting of the Ways’

1. The TARDIS materialising around Rose and the Dalek. Surely the most breathtaking, inspired rescue in the show’s history.

2. ‘Doesn’t it just burn when you face me’: the series' two biggest icons face off one last time; and never has it been more personal. A war-haunted Doctor versus religious fundamentalist Daleks with the whole of creation at stake: about as resonant a parable for modern times that a new Who could have given us.

3. The Doctor bowing his head against the TARDIS doors as Daleks bay for his blood outside.

4. Rose’s (several) filthy looks to Lynda-with-a-y.

5. ‘Rose, you are worth fighting for’. And the fact that had Jack not kissed the Doctor as well then somehow it wouldn’t have felt right.

6. Speaking of kisses, how about the one no-one ever mentions. The Doctor - realising that the Delta Wave will destroy everything, not just Daleks - caps his cock’n’bull cover story about crossing his own time stream by kissing Rose on the forehead goodbye.

7. And of course the sad, wistful look he gives his oldest friend as it dematerialises one last time.

8. The hologram. Do I really need to explain this one?

9. Oh, go on then. The dying words that this particular Who fan hopes to one day give: ‘Have a good life. Do that for me - have a fantastic life’.

10. And still on the hologram, anyone else read that line about ‘Let this old box gather dust’ as RTD’s lament to the old show; seemingly neglected and forgotten until he came along? Okay, just me then…

11. Chips and Pizza: Rose’s impassioned defence of the Doctor’s way of life and what separates him from the rest of us.

12. Daleks - thousands of them - flying through space: the pages of TV Comic at last come alive.

14. The words ‘Bad Wolf’ surrounding Rose in the playground.

15. Two people - knowing they’re about to die - talk about going for a drink together.

16. The Ninth Doctor: a hero who’s heroic for making other people want to become heroes.

17. Lynda’s death by vacuum-silenced Daleks.

18. ‘Last Man Standing’: Jack’s defiant death and the coolest last line ever.

19. ‘Coward, any day’: closure at last for this Doctor as he’s unable to pull the kill-switch a second time.

20. ‘Maybe it’s time’: had there been no second series commissioned, maybe here would have been as good a place to end it all as any.

21. The TARDIS-drunk Rose deflecting Dalek rays.

22. How the regeneration renders the season - and the Ninth Doctor’s era - perfectly complete.

23. Tennant’s teeth and indie-boy shtick.

24. ‘Doctor Who will return in ‘The Christmas Invasion’. James Bond eat-your-heart-out.

25. Six months later and five days to go.

And lastly I’d like to say what a pleasure it’s been sharing these last three months with you all again. And thanks, as always, to Neil for letting us share the Trip of a Lifetime…

See you on Boxing Day.

(‘The Bumper Book of Made-Up Doctor Who Facts’ has this to say about ‘The Parting of the Ways’: the tow-truck hired for this episode was paid for by the hour, not the day (titbit courtesy of Andrew Pixley)).


26. Snow Patrol's 'Run' on the last Confidential clips montage.

Not strictly in the episode, but a worthy entry nonetheless.

It certainly made me buy the album on the following Monday, anyway.

I disagree with almost everything you say. I didn't see a single thing there as a reason to like, let alone love, Parting of the Ways. I thought it was the most pointless piece of faecal matter I have ever watched. Coming so close after the perfect "The Empty Child" double, this conclusion to RTD's closing trilogy was almost unbearable. The only reason I didn't turn off was because I was sure that there would be a good conclusion to the Bad Wolf thing, which there wasn't, and that the regeneration would be worth watching, which it wasn't. We are at a point where we can't score "New" over "Classic" because of effects, because the effects weren't possible, so this regeneration scene did absolutely nothing for me. Tachyon, make me a member of the team, I'll tell you the truth, about crap like this and gold like Moffat's and Gatiss' episodes.

"21. The TARDIS-drunk Rose deflecting Dalek rays."

I *so* expected the ray to cause the Dalek to blow up though!

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