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Dec 26, 2005

"If you switch to ITV tonight, the galaxy may implode..."

The Christmas Day overnight ratings have been released.  Here's the top ten ...


1 EastEnders 10.1 million (BBC1)
2 Dr Who 9.4 million (BBC1)
3 Coronation Street 9.4 million (ITV1)
4 Two Ronnies Christmas Sketchbook 7.9 million (BBC1)
5 Shrek 6.7 million (BBC1)
6 Emmerdale 6.6 million (ITV1)
7 Toy Story 6.5 million (BBC1)
8 Celebrity Millionaire? 6.3 million (ITV1)
9 The Queen 6.2 million (BBC1)
10 BBC News 6.50pm 6.2 million (BBC1)

In the only war we care about, BBC1 beat ITV by some 3 million viewers.  They were generally beaten for much of the day.  I actually can't think of a reason why Coronation Street wasn't scheduled up against Doctor Who other than some understanding that it would be detremental to viewing figures overall.  That said -- doesn't this demonstrate once and for all that television is no longer the force it once was over the festive period?  It will be interesting to see what the numbers are for multichannel homes and how many of them stayed with the terrestrial stations. [via]


I am happy with the result but slightly surprised that EE scored higher in such a late slot. And it was a *terrible* Xmas special and I *love* EE. Glad we beat everyone else though, and I'm guessing that it'll rise to something like 10.6 after they factor in recordings. So David hits the ground in the similar way to Chris. Nice, huh?

So DW beats it's old enemy from Weatherfield then, a spookily complete payback. I reckon the show could even overtake 'Enders once the recordings and timeshifts etc are taken into account. If EE had had the 7-8 slot and DW had been given the 9-10 slot, then DW would have won by a landslide. It's figures are especially impressive considering that DW had on either side My Family and that godawful Boycie spinoff, neither of which made a dent on the top ten.

Oh, and has anyone else picked up on the implications of the 'Within 15 hours of regeneration....' thing?
Could that finally clear up the whole Romana carry-on in Destiny of the Daleks then?!

The day Doctor Who gets a 9-10pm slot is the day they call it Torchwood...

'the whole Romana carry-on in Destiny of the Daleks' is explored in some depth in the Big Finish Gallifrey spin-offs...

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